New Jailbreak Tweak Aims To Extend Battery Life In iOS 8 For iPhone and iPad

One of the best iOS 9 features include new ‘Low Power Mode‘, that extends your iPhone’s battery life by reducing performance and tweaking the background activity such as disabling automatic Mail fetch, Blackground App Refresh and more. Today, we here got a new iOS 8.3 jailbreak tweak available on Cydia, which also aims at improving the life of iPhone battery as well, of course in a different way.


Power Saver Mode, the new jailbreak app that tries to imitate this feature in iOS 8 and af mentioned it already in a very different way it extends the battery life. When enabled, Power Saver Mode toggles on “Increase Contrast” and “Reduce Motion” options, and while disabling the “Background App Refresh” and of course the “Location Services” and toggling off “Cullar Data” if you’re already connected to a WiFi network.

When it toggle On, it turns the battery icon in the Status abr from the default color to yellow indicating that Power Saving Mode has been activated. Just like iOS 9’s Lower Power mode, it acts like similarly. And if you connect your device to a power source, it will be disabled automatically. Great!

You can now download Power Saver Mode directly from the stock Cydia repository. For that you will need to add the following repo to the store first. Launch Cydia -> Sources -> Edit -> Add this “” Done! Search for “Power Saver Mode” tweak and you should be able to locate and install it.

After installation, to enable the tweak, you will have navigate to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage, from there a new toggle located at the top of the pane lablelled ‘Power Saver Mode.’ Tab on it to enable the mode.

Once Power Saver Mode is disable, you’ll be returned back to the settings you had done before enabling the tweak. Now that it has received an update which now provides toggles for enabling or disable each of the features of the tweak, also brings with in new inclusions such as turning off auto-brightness, disabling auto-downloads / bluetooth if there’s no connection and many more.

Try this tweak out right away on our jailbroken iOS 8.3, 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3 on iPhones, iPad snad iPod touch models. Using this guide below.

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