PS Vita Jailbreak For 3.60 Firmware Released, Allows Access To Elumators, Homebrew And More [Video]


A new jailbreak for 3.60 firmware of Sony’s PlayStation Vita (aka PS Vita) is now available, opening up the door to handheld console to emulators, homebrew and piracy software.

Jailbreaking iOS devices and hacking other than those was nothing new when the iPhone first attempted the situation, but it was perhaps the foremost time that many people became familiar with the concept. Nowadays, everything seems to get its own jailbreak, with Sony’s PS Vita portable console one the few catches out thanks to its various security features – lot of which were implemented following its predecessor’s some sort lax security. With the PSP hacked to the hilt, the Vita was much more difficult to tweak.

Hacking is a different era of mechanism, where hackers use the code to crack it and then patch it with their own coding, like what we have already seen with the Windows 7, Windows 10 Pro ISO file without product key can be downloaded and installed on their PCs. This type of hacking is not a good idea, though. There was a jailbreak of sorts for the Vita already available, using that method the Vita to be tethered to a PC and for the machine itself to be running a specific version of its software in order for the thing to work.

With hacking group Team Molecule having released a much more user-friendly browser-based PS Vita jailbreak into the wild. Dubbed HENkaku, jailbreak works on the Vita’s latest firmware 3.60 and doesn’t even require any voodoo. In fact, all users need to do in order to achieve is jailbreak their PS Vita by visiting the team’s website on the Vita in question and tap a button. That’s it, later sitting back and waiting.

If there’s a solution, as always, one catch to be considered, though. This jailbreak is not presistent, meaning it a jailbroken PS Vita goes through a fill power cycle, the jailbreak will however need to be carried out again. Although, with the given fact is that, this limitation may not be a big deal for most, especially given the world of homebrew software and emulators it can unlock.

This same exploit also works on the PlayStation TV – for both of the people that bought one already!

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