CirDock Jailbreak Tweak Adds Sleek Animations To iOS Dock – Cydia Download

The iOS dock is of course the most useful feature of Apple’s iOS ecosystem that provides a quick access to your freqently used apps. Now that thinking about giving it a fresh new look, you should probably check out a new jailbreak twaek known as CirDock right here sitting on Cydia.

With a new way of interacting with apps on home screen dock, CirDoc provides it by adding carousel animations to them. The tweak provides various different animation styles such as Cylinder, Wheel, Linear, Cover Flow, and a plethora of other styles which can be enabled to the dock.

CirDock, can be configured via the dedicated preferences pane available in iOS settings. Right from there, you can even choose the apps which you’d like to add to the dock and the animation effect that is to be applied. What’s more interesting here with the tweak is that you get rid of the four apps-limit of the dock, allowing you to add as many apps as you’d like.

The pane of CirDock also provides customization options that allow you to remove the app icon labels and badges, and add an indicator to apps that are active in the background. It also allows you switch between three different types of docks that carry the default, favorite, and badged items. The ‘favorite’ dock displays the apps that have been marked as favorite, while the ‘badged’ items dock would show apps that carry a pending notification badge on them.

To switch between the different types of docks, simply tap and hold on the current dock for a shrt duration. A black label is also visible to the left corner of the dock indicating the type you’re currently running. ne of the best features of CirDock would be the future that export or import a user’s configuration settings, allowing them to simply pick up with the same setup on the same device at another time.

The developer of this CirDock jailbreak tweak also planning to add a bunch of new inclusions to the upcoming update which includes an aotohide option for the dock, closing an app with a swipe up or swipe down gesture, theming the dock, and much more. Overall, this new jailbreak tweak got the ability to switch between different types of docks, which easily the biggest selling point of this tweak.

The CirDock is quite an amazing tweak that outperforms similar app in Cydia. To get you hands-on the tweak, CirDock is now available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for a mere $1.50. Thoughts on CirDock needed in the comments section below!

If you haven’t jailbroken yet, you can find the instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 8.4 here:

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