CoolBooter Lets You Dual-Boot 2 iOS Versions On 1 iPhone

This new utility app called CoolBooter allows users to run (dual-boot) two different versions of iOS on one same iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It’s the app that works something how you would do with your Windows PCs at same time. Anyone with a minimal knowledge and smartphone, tablet, or computing experience have likely heard the team “dual-boot” bandied around. Although the meaning of the term actually defined by the words used to make it up, which is to take one device and have two operating systems installed on it. So that user can choose which operating system to boot into at their own will. Certain platforms make this pretty easy to do, like running Windows and macOS on an Apple Mac machine, while other platforms aren’t built for that luxury, such as Apple’s iOS devices ‘iPhone / iPad’. Thankfully, the availability of CoolBooter for jailbroken 32-bit Apple mobile devices now brings dual-booting into the mainstream.


Currently, the release of CoolBooter – in a beta stage at this time – basically means that the ability to boot multiple versions of iOS on a single device has been brought to the masses.

Having two or more versions of iOS running on a single device isn’t anything new as experienced developers and software modification experts (hackers) already been demonstrating this for quite some time. In this case, what’s new is the fact that the CoolBooter software for jailbroken iOS devices actually makes this very much easy and possible for almost any device owner to get involved with.

However, this is only available for Apple’s 32-bit devices which are jailbroken. In addition, the actual process functions on devices that have publicly available firmware keys, which immediately rules out certain iPod touch models, such as the first-generation iPod touch and the original iPad mini, which built with the second revision of Apple’s A5 chip. Excluding those, fully compatible to work with devices like Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. The iPad 2, iPad 3, and the iPad 4 are also supported due to the form factor of their 32-bit architecture.

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Interesting things about CoolBooter is that once it’s installed via Cydia, it’s really very simple to use. There’s no modification needed and no tinkering with the internal file system involved. The app is particularly used to install a second version of iOS via a very simple interface. Of course, it can also be used to actually boot the second installed version when the user chooses to switch between the two.


Owner of an iPhone 4, for instance, and yearn for the days when you could interact with that Scott Forstall-design experience, you can now put iOS 6 on that very device alongside iOS 7. iPhone 5 user with jailbroken iOS 9.x running on it? You can now dual-boot that iOS 9 version with iOS 6 on same device exclusively. All you need to do is launch Cydia, add to your sources and then search for and install the CoolBooter jailbreak app.

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