You Can Download Incompatible Apps On Older iOS Version Using This Alternative

LowerInstall for iOS lets you download and install incompatible apps onto older versions of iOS running iPhone and iPad. Here are the details.

This tweak is only available for jailbroken devices through a Cydia install, and will essentially remove some frustrations where device owners have tried to install an iOS app to find out that its minimum firmware target is actually higher than the version installed on the device.

This new tweak aims to enhance the compatibility of certain apps on your device, which is otherwise not possible. When any developer builds an app using Apple’s development environment, and this includes Apple, thery have to stipulate the versions of iOS – app supports. Information is displayed on the iOS App Store, which is whar being pulled directly from the app bundle displayed by the user.

Furthermore, when the app source code is compiled and turned into an app library to be submitted to Apple? It essentially contains a flag which tells the device which versions of iOS it supports. LowerInstall essentially mitigates that.

The tool is one of the best alternatives for those device owners who have tried to install apps through sideloading. Only to find that the developer is opting to support a higher version of iOS than they’re currently on. Sometimes there is a big reason for the developer doing this. That requires specific API or technology access which is only available in a particular version of the iOS SDK. And other times it’s purely for ease of use.

In fact, come next month there will be a multitude of apps only supporting iOS 11. Come that time, this tweak will be very much useful as it will allow apps to be installed on lower versions of iOS which aren’t officially supported.

Note: Worth noting that this LowerInstall tweak isn’t a single solution which fixes all issues and solves all problems.

Apps like Apple’s Clips, which require iOS 10.3, have already been proven to work as intended on iOS 10.2. Don’t mind, that doesn’t mean all apps will. Some will have genuine reasons why they support a particular version of iOS. And will also break on older versions. It’s worth mentioning that before proceeding.

If you are one looking to try out the LowerInstall tweak, then you wll need to add the following repository to your list of Cydia sources: Once added simply search for the tweak and you’ll be able to easily install it.

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