Springtomize 4 For iOS 10 Review: This Tweak Finally Adds New Profiles And More Powerful Additions

One of the major milestone for iOS 10 jailbreak is released, and is officially here, called Springtomize. Jailbreak tweak with version 4 finally is now compatible with iOS 10 thanks to its latest release notes.

This is the most popular packages to ever grace jailbroken devices, has now been finally updated with full iOS 10 compatibility. Actually was a joint effort between iOS developers Filippo Bigarella and Janosch Hübner (sharedRoutine). As developers continue to fall over themselves to make their packages compatible with iOS 10.

Springtomize 4 has been re-written from top to bottom with improvements to not only its design, but also to its set of features. The Springtomize team  has taken that little bit longer to fully rebuild the package to ensure that best possible the experience.

The result is in this piece, Springtomize 4, which is available to download right now. We will go over everything you can expect from Springtomize 4.

With a solid reputation for being one of the most consistent all-in-one jailbreak tweaks in the Cydia store to date, is Springtomize. It has earned its respect and seniority over similar tweaks that have been released in recent years. Now, Springtomize 4 has more than 100 features backed into it, which is significantly more than any typical jailbreak tweak release.

As one might expect, this latest version of Springtomize offers the same powerful, stable, and reliable functionality that we’ve become accompanied to from this package. It’s now totally a rebuild package and what we all love about Springtomize is that, add in a whole new set of functionality to improve it when it doesn’t seem possible.

Improvements comes in the form of being able to utilize most of the hundreds of options and configurations in real-time without one having to put the device through any type of respring or reboot.

And there’s now a great custom Springtomize progress indicator for those which still matter a respring.

The team behind it also introduced a brand new Profiles feature which will instantly make Springtomize a lot more powerful appealing to a lot more device owners. Profiles will let you save a snapchat of your Springtomize settings so you can easily apply them again at a later date with just a tap.

With Profiles users are able to create an unlimited amount of different configurations, all of which can be invoked on demand to set the device up as the user sees fit. This is a big win for themers, as it lets you have multiple profiles so that each group of settings can match a particular theme.

On the new Springtomize, Profiles can be instantly more appealing to users who may want to switch between having a st and fluid “clean” iOS theme with icon labels hidden and animations turned off to keep transitions fast and snappy, and a more manic theme with tons of detail and lots of custom animation settings. That all become pretty possible with the new Springtomize Profile unique to this particular version.

Those not themers also can make good use of the profiles feature. If you’re feeling a little adventurous one day and more minimalist another, Profiles will let you make a profile for each scenario so you can move between each with a single tap.

For example; though you will need to enable the more adventurous profile when you want to show someone why it’s cool to jailbreak your device and then go back to the minimalist settings when you’re done.

Furthermore, the team stepping away from the functionality, has also put a lot of attention onto making it faster, more efficient, and less power hungry from a battery and resources perspective with the inclusion of a settings engine designed to ensure it gets the best performance with the minimum drain on device resources.

Obviously, your experience with profiles may vary, since every one has their own definition of what makes a great jailbroken iPhone. For that reason, feel free to experiment with profiles until you get a good understanding.

If you happen to be a Springtomize fan, or simply want to try its experiences for the first time, it’s available to download and own right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It costs $3.99 right now for the initial first week to celebrate the launch after which it will jump to $4.99 price.

Alternatively, you can upgrade if you own a previous version of Springtomize for the price of $1.99. Springtomize 4 is intended only for iOS 10 devices, and if you’re using iOS 9 or earlier, check the details before.

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