Alleged PlayStation 4K Could Arrive Before October’s PS VR Release

Rumored much frequently the 4K-capable PlayStation 4.5, dubbed the PlayStation 4K in some quarters, may be just a matter of months if a new report is to be believed anything away. Hinted in the past that the technologically-improved “PS 4.5” could be on its way, but with The Wall Street Journal now disclosing that the aforementioned hardware will arrive before October’s PlayStation VR release. It seems that the next PlayStation initiative refresh isn’t too far away now.

With that detailing the new PlayStation is far capable of running games at a native 4K resolution, somewhat like a Blu-Ray gaming. The technology using by Sony to produce a new PS hardware as per The Wall Strret Journal, the unit will feature drivers that will improve hardware’s ability to power the PlayStation VR headset that will arrive in October. Yes! The current PlayStation 4 is very much compatible with the virtual reality headset, so it’s currently unclear what extra functionality, if any, a PS4K would offer in the future.

It also appears that both the PS4 and PS4K might carry the same game catalog, making us wonder what’s new in the upgraded CPU and GPU to bettery for, beyond enabling that 4K gaming experience everyone is mounting for.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer already tipped that the Xbox One will also get a mid-life refresh to that which the PlayStation 4 appears set to undergo. Sughgested that console gaming may be set to take a leaf out of PC gaming’s book by releasing more quickly than it originally does.

“When you look at the console space, I believe we will see more hardware innovation in the console space than we’ve ever seen,” he said recently.

As we currently have no actual release date or price for the next PlayStation, whatever it ends up being called. One thing that can’t be carried out is that: if we were on the lookout for a PS4 deal right now, we would certainly be advised to holding off. In a matter of months, the PS4 may be old hat anyway, especially if you own a 4K-capable TV.

Before PlayStation VR launch may see the launch of PS4K console?

(Source: WSJ)

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