Amazon Fling SDK Offers AirPlay And Chromecast-Like Funtions For Fire TV?

As of now we have Google’s Chromecast complete with the fanfare of streaming media and followed by Amazon Fling, announced by Amazon as the new streaming technology that will become a big rival to the Chromecast and AirPlay. How’s that?

However, the huge e-commerce website has introduced the Amazon Flink SDK as a cross-platform toolkit that will enable mobile developers to build apps compatible in sending media, like videos, audio files and images from Android and iOS devices to Amazon’s Fire TV hardware. That is it!

In order to provide userbase able to view content from their mobile devices on larger screen TV display using Fire TV, Amazon is now following the suite with their newly released Fling SDK, with similar design to Google Chromecast technology.

Amazon describes a little about its new hardware, here:

The SDK is flexible, open and provides a new way to get your app on Amazon Fire TV. You can easily convert existing casting app to fling content to Amazon Fire TV. The SDK is designed to simplify the process of dealing with underlying network discovery and communication technologies that connect apps to TV. The SDK offers a standardized way to communicate between your apps over a local network allowing you to focus on building new and unique user experiences.

When customers are using your app on the iOS, Android or Fire device, they’ll see the Amazon Fling icon appear in your app. They can touch the icon and then send your content to their Amazon Fire TV. You don’t need to explain how to fling your content. The entire experience happens within the app, making it intuitive for your customers. Customers can start the experience from mobile and then later control the playback with both your app and their Amazon Fire TV remote – whichever is most convenient.

For more information regarding Amazon’s Chromecast competitor Fling can be found here. To download Amazon Fling SDK and start developing Android apps, you can head over to the official Amazon Developer website link embedded below.



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