Apple Addresses Bendgate Issue: Makes The iPhone 6s Plus Very Difficult To Bend [Test Drive]

Don’t mind iPhone 6 Plus users out there who were buffered with bendgate in the past, but it has somewhat proved in this new Bend Test video tight here, showing off the new iPhone 6s Plus is very and very difficult to bend. So, don’t expect any “Bendgate” issue, which became widespread after a video test revealed that it didn’t take much pressure for the 6 Plus to bend near the volume button. Apple seems to have addressed that issue and strengthened the weaker points of the 6 Plus and added a new, stronger 7000 series aluminum to the device.

iPhone6s-Plus-Does-Not-BendAn YouTube channel FoneFox subjected the iPhone 6s Plus to a bend test to see how far Apple’s improvements help. In this video, the phone is given the same bend test apressure which was in the past given a year ago. FoneFox’s Cristian simply wraps his hands around the device and attempts to bend it in the middle. If you notice this, the phone of course starts to bend under more pressure, but nevertheless, straps back to its normal shape and the test is over.

He, who tested iPhone 6s Plus for bendgate test has also notes that he can feel his thumb sink into the back of the device, but that the phone doesn’t stay bent. FoneFox has also added another person for this bend test, and getting each person to pull one side of the phone. In this situation, the 6s Plus does bend. However, FoneFox notes that the pressure extended with two person’s is unlikely to occur in situations where the phone is a user’s pocket.

Thanks to FoneFox

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