Apple TV 4 Predicted: New Set-Top Box Pricing And Launch Details Revealed

It’s time ticks away and Apple’s 9/9 media event in front within 9 days more, new details surfaced that alleged to outline the company’s new buget structure for the new Apple TV following the expected announcement of a fourth generation set top box at the event.

The next-gen Apple TV, complete with the much purported inclusion of Apple Store support as well as a flavor of Siri that could mean less typing and button pressing is likely to grace anything up to $199 according to 9to5Mac’s sources. That’s quite hike from the $99 that previous Apple TVs have initaited at the launch, with the Television that is currently on sale retailing at just $69 if you were to purchase one today which, let’s be honest, you’d be mad to.


Apple’s next-generation TV will house some substantive upgrades, which is expected to honor with speedy A8 CPU, and widely believed that the new set top box will come with digital assistant support, a new touch screen remote control and brings with it a more intuitive interface and of cource the support for dedicated App Store. According to the oft-mentioned sources, Apple is still very much trying to finalize the pricing model for the new Apple TV, costs $149 and $199 currently on the table. New box will apparently be more expensive than the competition from the likes of the popular Roku, Mac maker is said to keep the current Apple TV around as a cheaper, entry-level option.

Actually, a future software update which is set to bring the fabled subscription TV service to the Apple TV will also arrive on the current model, though it won’t be able to rival the new Apple TV as far as hardware prowess is concerned which definitely means the App Store, Siri and a new remote with touch, voice control and Nintendo Wii-esque motion control gaming is out of the question. You will surely need the new Apple TV (2015) for those.

Apple is also rumored that it may take time to introduce new iPads, and another product that will assuredly be on the agenda will be the revamped Apple TV. Set to announce at its 9/9 event, the company is allegedly on the track to start selling the new iPhone device this coming October, which fits well with previous rumors surrounding the set top box.


This September’s Apple event is set to feature new iPhones alongside this much anticipated new Apple TV, and for iPad Pro announcement, we have to wait until October 2015.

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