Are You Facing iPhone 6s Overheating Issues And Disabling LED Flash?

But some of the iPhone 6s users are worrying about the oft-mentioned potential problem and the new comer apparently hasn’t managed to escape the fate that has befallen many an iPhone before it, which is very difficult to bendgate issue, and had no complaints regarding iPhone bending in the past, continued with the Apple’s latest flagships and that has been rectified in this post. Yet another report regarding iPhone 6s overheating issue seems a little mundane.


Here’s what it goes with some of the new iPhone 6s users, with the phone apparently preventing users from activating the camera’s flash until the handset has cooled down a tad. Apple’s new iPhone handsets indeed runs on company’s latest A9 processor, briging with it some not inconsiderable speed increases when compared with last year’s iPhone 6 with A8 CPU.

Users of iPhone 6s in a ltlle complaining that their phones run hotter than last year’s models. Like the iPhone 6 ran at around 90-degrees fahrenheit, while the new 6s model with its supercharged chip bubbles along at over 100 degrees. Now that, what to consider and how to fix this?

Newer smartphones that use faster internals have been known to get a little toasty before now and the iPhone 6s does seem like a prime candidate for such behaviour given the impression benchmark results it has proven capable of producing. So, any iPhone that deems itself warm enough to shut down its flash must clearly be getting a little hotter than just warm.

5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6s Getting Extremely Hot And Battery
Currently, it’s difficult to tell how easy it will be for Apple to fix it and certainly doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue, with only a small number of people reporting this issue since the iPhone 6s overheating issue made its debut on Friday. Will we start to hear of more problems as handsets find their way into users’ hands?

(source: Reddit)

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