Budget-Friendly GoPro HERO+ Action Camera With WiFi Costs $200

On Monday it was been announced and the compact camcoder maker has introduced a new low-cost action GoPro HERO+ camera with Wi-Fi capabilities. In terms of specifications, this model is absolutely sits above the HERO segment. Historically speaking, who really wanted to be proud owner of a powerful GoPro Full HD camera with all of the accompanying bells and whistles, you had to be well prepared to take a sustantial financial hit on your saving. Indeed, quality and high-end products come with understandably hefty price-tag. To get rid of the combat, GoPro has now officially revealed the Hero Plus, a FullHD video camcoder that packs a number of premium features for a relatively affordable price-tag.

How compact is your $200 HERO+ camera
Got GoPro Hero+ is quite stable on little camera these days which is the maker of compact-sized camcoders also offers a wide range of rugged, lightweight cams for everything from skiing to surfing. Marketing its new shiny gadget as being the “prominent entry-level GoPro“, which is more of a himage to its $200 cost rather than its lack of features. Capable of Full HD 1080p video shoot-outs capturing in at 60 frames-per-second, along with it comes the ability to snap still images at an impressive 8-megapixel resolution sensor.

Connectivity won’t be an issue here, for those who find their way to get in on the GoPro action at the cheaper value. The latest edition to the family comes equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth to offer access to the GoPro App and Smart Remote. Offers full control of the GoPro Hero+ camera remotely, as well as viewing short previews of captured video, and the ability to share that video with others and social networks. Betterfy the video quality and shooting modes that eventually make a mockery of the tiny price-tag. Used GoPro before, then you’ll be pleased to see that the new Hero+ still offers the same immersive video quality, brings with it all the modes like QuickCapture, SuperView, and Auto Low Light mode into the camera.

The GoPro Hero+ has sensitive equipment housed inside of a rugged, waterproof housing like most GoPro models, purposed to take a battering and withstand pretty much all of the elements. Ships with a built-in, rechargable, lithium-ion battery, should go wild for two hours of Full HD video capture, or one hour forty-five minutes with Wi-Fi turned on using the GoPro mobile app. On-board storage capacity is also complimented with the ability to expand through a microSD card.

However, the new GoPro HERO+ may lack the more advanced features of its more expensive relations, such as 4K video recording, or a touch display. But at a minimal of 200 US dollars it’s is likely to cover up itself as the perfect entry-level device for this extreme sports enthusiasts looking to capture all of the action. The product will go live on sale directly from GoPro and selected retailers on October 4th, carrying the affordable $200 price-segment.

Notably, The new price for the Hero4 Session is $100 lower, cuts its price as well, the camera was just as expensive as the Hero4 Silver.

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