Speed Test: Dual-Core 1GB RAM iPhone 6 Beats Vs. Octa Core 4GB RAM Galaxy Note 5 [Video]

If you think about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 was enough to raise excitement levels amongst those who admire large screen devices, then it’s not perfect. The specifications of the Note 5 are believed, would outperform most competing devices, especially a flagship from 2014, such as Apple’s iPhone 6. We should except that the raw specs don’t tell the full story and why that?

The majority of standard smartphone users will interact with various applications on a daily basis. The logical one to see what exactly and how perfectly each device perform inoking and closing apps. In terms of hardware capabilities on paper the Note 5 with 4GB RAM and octa-core processor exterminate the iPhone 6 with 1GB of RAM and dual-core processor. With that said, the video clearly shows that Apple’s finely tuned smartphone can hold its own by keeping up with the pace set by Samsung’s Note phablet when opening and loading common applications, and then later even surpassing to beat it.


Smartphone and hardware fans almost test out the real-world performance of any new device by piiting it aginst the competition. A launch of any new device of note ultimately spwans of “speed test” videos that measures devices versus whilst performing common tasks such as multitasking, launching processor intensive apps, and navigating through complex menu structures. YouTube user DroidModderX Root Master has followed this trend by demonstrating how the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 performs against the Apple iPhone 6.

Speed test for opening up various applications on Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6 done. The interesting part of the test is the difference in performance when it came to actually loading a previously launched apps for the second time. In this case, the apps that had already been opened once on the iPhone 6 popped up instantly, and the apps on the Note 5 still had to go through their full load times. So, recalling an application from the background.


The iPhone 6 and iOS operating system clearly do an amazing job of holding previously opened apps in memory and was fairly able to load and display the app instantly. While the Note 5 n the other hand was seriously lacking in this performance and actually required the selected app to go through the full boot process again. What we have to note here is that the iPhone 6 is claerly a true multitasking master. Admit it!

Check out the video for yourself and share what you think. Would the outcome of the speed test sway your decision to purchase Galaxy Note 5 over an Apple device? It’s up to you.

(Source: YouTube)

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