Fifth Generation Apple TV Production Rumored To Begin In Early 2016

The fourth-gen Apple TV may have proven to illuminate within the set-top streaming box market and could soon be considered old news before it has even had a chance to settle in. According to the newly surfaced report, it is suggesting that Apple will begin trial production of a fifth-generation Apple TV in December 2015, with supplier Quanta Computer ramping up volume production in the first quarter of 2016.

The first thing to note is that the report comes from a familiar route of citing unnamed sources from within Apple’s complex supply chain, claims the next-generation Apple TV 5 will feature a new CPU that will “dramatically improve the device’s hardware performance.” If those sources are legitimate, then we are here to go no where to get better information from, unless it comes directly from an official representative of Apple, which it never does. In addition to speculating that the device could go into trail production this month, the article also elaborates on potential internal-hardware changes that could make the ATV 5 a vastly superior offering.

The “sources from Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” suggesting that there will be a production start of a faster Apple TV, which the Cuperino-based company is apparently planning to move away from the current 64-bit A8 chipset that powers the Apple TV 4 in favor og an improved processor for offering “dramatically” opted performance t the end-user. Another one here is that Apple will also reportedly adopt a “heat-dissipation solution” in the streaming box to handle the faster CPU, but currently it remains unclear how that would differentiate from the large heat sink in the fourth-generation Apple TV. 5th sense of the report adds the next ATV will also gain unspecified “new functions“.

As aforementioned, the supply chain sources also suggesting that an internal change will see Apple ditching the currently used large heat-sink setup, in favor of a more advanced solution designed to dissipate the heat that the new processor would produce. About the future of the Apple TV 5 information, we really have to wait for a little time now. The artcle does elaborate further to suggest that the new fifth-gen Apple TV will come with a set of new “unspecified inclusions“, which once again is a unsurprising as Apple has continually looked to improve on the existing experience that it offers.

The report does not provide a release timeframe for the fifth-generation Apple TV, but it is unlikely to be soon given. Apple beginning volume production in early 2016 would seemingly make a mid- to late-2016 launch possible. Production of the Apple TV 5 begins with Quanta this time, instead of Foxconn Electronics as it gears up for mass production in early 2016. Quanta has however declined to comment on any orders or current clientele.

(Source: DigiTimes)

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