Smart Wireless Hub: Google Launches $200 OnHub Wi-Fi Router, Here Are The Details

Routers are those tech-based innovative used by many companies, stores, and of course at you home for personal WiFi hub, are of course among the older bits of technology out there right now, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. Nevertheless, here’s what Google made it in action, as the Mountain View-based company today unveiled the OnHub – Google’s new wireless router that indeed promises to effectively and efficiently solve all your wireless connectivity headaches. Interested in purchasing? Read on.

In today world wireless internet coonnection makes your life easy and with WiFi routers you can create a Hotspot if your Smartphones capable of, and in my means it really works perfectly when and if my cable connection is disable, I pretty much use my Android phone and search for the hotspot and remotely connect it to my PC or Mac to make my day easy. Trust me, this will really make your way so easy when you really need it on the go or at home.


The OnHub designed in conjunction with TP-Link and Google says that it features a “unique antenna design and smart software” that eventually “keep working in the background, automatically adjusting OnHub to avoid interference and keep your 4G network at peak performance.” This Wi-Fi router is a cylindrical piece of hardware that solves first and foremost the aesthetics issues with today’s traditional routers.

The device also scans available airwaves to search for the best congestion and it lets you prioritize some devices so if you really want to watch Netflix, you can give it priority over apps that are running on your smartphone’s background. OnHub is not a symmetrical cylinder top to bottom, with a larger circumference on top than at the base. Essentially, the OnHub is cordless, which Google says aims to eliminate the tendency for hiding your router in a corner because it’s ugly-looking.

Google haven’t provided any details of what to expect, should the Chromecast be an indicator

Thank’s to the OnHub’s attractive design, you can proudly display it in the center of your home where it will be able to provide maximum coverage. The second important thing to note is that OnHub is easy to setup and troubleshooting. Android and iOS devices can connect to the device using a neat and fair app that provides various pieces of important network related info. Other than that, it’s pretty barebones, at least for now. In fact you can manage OnHub via a Smartphone app. This app “tells you how much bandwidth your devices are using, lets you run a network check, and if there’s an issue with your Wi-Fi, the app offers suggestions to help.”

Under the hood, the OnHub is powered through 13 antennas that should give it maximum and strong penetration through any kind of household. It’s a smart router and of course intelligent one in a way that it will automatically pick the best channel for broadcasy and can “proritize a device so it has the fastest Wi-Fi for the activities that matter most.”


OnHub has support for 802.11 ac and 5GHz WiFi. Completing the tally at Bluetooth LE and Weave – Google’s interfacing for smart home hub devices. Further, you can also expect it to become a lot more than just a router. Google has promised several updates over the years to OnHub and new features via firmware updates. What else do you need to know before buying it?

Interested to see what kind of smart home management OnHub will be able to provide in the future. The OnHub has been created in partnership, and will go on sale August 31st for $200. Rather sheer pricing, like Apple’s AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule routers, but we fortunately hope it’ll worth the buck. Available in two color options, you can pre-order it today from Amazon.


Check out Google’s first official promotion for the OnHub below:

The $200 OnHub WiFi router will be available in the coming weeks at select retail outlets.

(source: Google)

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