Google Will Introduce A New WiFi Router, A $129 Google Home, 4K Chromecast For $69 At Its Oct. 4 Pixel Event

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October 4th is the date where Google is going to officially be announcing the company’s new Pixel phones – the devices which will ditch the Nexus branding line of smartphones. At the busy event on 4th October, Google now appears to have a cavalcade of hardware to show the world, with new 4K-based ‘Chromecast Ultra’, a Wi-Fi router, and Google Home hardware in the horizon.

First introduced Google Home at this year’s Google I/0 conference in May, which is the company’s attempt to compete with the likes of Amazon Echo in the home auditorium space. That device will connect to the Internet and user’s home network in a conjunction to run their lives, and their houses, using voice commands and Google’s special sauce. The voice activated Home from Google will let you enjoy music, manage everyday tasks and can ask questions via voice commands as well.

The announcement however saw a mighty impressive promotional video air, and if Google Home comes closer enough then we can’t wait to try it. Doing so will apparently cost $129 according to a new report. And you must have to choose between that new phone or a fancy robot to control everything around you.

Moreover, there’s still the rumored next-generation Google Chromecast, which is expected to come with 4K capabilities now, and might get dubbed ‘Chromecast Ultra’. In the works and ready to debut at the October 4th event. Featuring 4K technology this time, the new device is presumed to retail for $69 under the Chromecast Ultra name. Like its predecessor, the device will give owners away to throw content from their smartphones or tablets onto a television via the wonders of wireless technologies.

Speaking of wireless tech, Google is also believed to have a new WiFi router (not the OnHub router that was launched by Google last year) that it will announce at the same event, making the day quite busy.

Dubbed Google WiFi, the device will feature some additional smarts that are expected to aid the setting up of a WiFi mesh network to ensure complete coverage within a property – something that isn’t always easy or possible with traditional routers by way.

As far as the pricing and availability is concerned, you/we only know it once Google actually announces the two different products on October 4th, which is shaping up to be a big one. Alongside the brand-new Google WiFi router, and its next-gen smartphones in the favor of Nexus to be called Pixel and Pixel XL announced on that given date. Fingers crossed for a surprise on the day!

(source: AndroidPolice)

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