Google’s Chromecast 2 And Chromecast Audio Goes Official At Just $35, Here Are The Details

Google today has not only introduced us with new smart-hardware devices like Nexus 69, Nexus 5X and its own made Pixel C, but has took the stage to officially make an announcement of two new inventions. Announced the next-gen Chromecast 2 for video, and also a new dedicated device for streaming music to speakers in your home. Called Chromecast Audio. Details belongs to the all-new devices in full goes like this.


Here, with new design and in multiple color options – Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio are pretty much different and for the first time debuted into the world of multimedia and social sharing.

Google Chromecast 2

Google has today gone wild to a total deperture from the slick form-factor, with a flat disc-housing for its streaming device which comes with an integrated HDMI cable for an easy connection to any device that supports. The Android-maker will be making the device available in three colors: black, lemenade, and coral with the latter two color choices being exclusive to Google Store.

The 2nd-gen Chromecast finally gets support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands as well as 802.11ac WiFi standard, and equipped with an “entirely new adaptive atenna system”. If that’s it, then it should significantly improve the Wi-Fi performance of Chromecast 2 as identiofied by Google in the keynote. Keeping that in mind, the search giant has also introduced a new feature to Chromecast, called “Fast Play”. To make a statement in a simplistic terms, the device is pre-fetch video content from a video streaming app that it thinks you may want to watch, before you begin playing.


There are over thousand supported apps to choose from right now; most notably Sling TV, Google Photos, Discovery, Netflix, DirecTV, NFL Sunday Ticket, and many more. While the 4K owners may be disappointed with the Chromecast coming in with 1080p full HD support only. Furthermore, the Chromecast app has also gotten a complete redesign (overhaul), along with the addition of a new feature called, “What’s On” that lets you check out the top viewed content from the rest of your streaming apps without interfering with an ongoing streaming.

Google Chromecast Audio

Alongside the buzz surrounding the new Chromecast, Chromecast Audio also made its appearance in a set of leaked photos side the regular version. For now, it’s official anyway, follows a similar story as the design of the device corraborates the early rumors, including the name itself.

The nifty little hardware is an audio streamer that does exactly as the name suggests; it will indeed stream audio from Cromecast supported apps directly to your Home speakers or audio system. How? The device calling its self a streaming machine supports 3.5mm auxiliary input, RCA jacks, and an optical input. With that in set, the best part being that the Chromecast Audio will still send audio from your Android or iOS device from the brand new Chromecast app as well as third-party apps that add support for Google’s Cast service.


Google Cast includes Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, and behind: Spotify apps as well are all supported. Google on the other hand is also working on bringing a multi-room sync function to the device later this year, which will list Chromecast Audio a big rival against the likes of Sonos.

The Chromecast Audio will be available starting today in 17 countries, and like the Chromecast 2 – it will cost you $35. Choice of color in this case? Black only. That is actually a surprisingly low price point if you consider the competition. Isn’t it?

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