GoPro Odyssey: VR Film Makers Can Register For 16-Camera Virtual Reality Rig

Talking about the behemoth 16 panoramic camera rig that GoPro announced at Google I/O conference is now officially called “Odyssey,” and is available for purchase. GoPro Odyssey is for VR professionals?

Costs $15,000, and only “professional content creators and producers” will be allowed to buy it, just after when they submit an application. Buying an Odyssey means you get a whole 16 of GoPro’s top-of-line Hero 4 Black, a microphone, the VR rig and all the necessary cables, a Pelican case to carry it, alongside a warranty and support. For a production company that’s searching to get into the virtual reality game but doesn’t broadly want to go the DIY route, this rig could be the best option.

First and foremost introduced to GoPro’s 16-camera rig for shooting 360-degree footage earlier this year, Now that the action camera manufacturer has announced that professional virtual reality content creators with a spare of US$15K could soon get their hands on the GoPro Odyssey set-up, specifically designed for Google’s 3D, 360-degree VR platform. Jump! To Next?

Google created open plans that companies can use to build their own 16-camera rig (GoPro to be the first), as well as assemble software that can recreate the scene being captured in much higher quality than most existing image stitching software can. Eventually, Jump videos will be hosted on YouTube, which is a logical step. Controlling who makes the first videos for Jump makes it easier for the companies to ensure no one ever sees boring or bad content, anymore.

Professionals are being invited to register their interest in purchasing the GoPro Odyssey. GoPro and Google will select which VR film-makers will receive the limited-quantity Odyssey rigs, probably to ensure high-quality for the first attempting 360-degree examples on Google’s Jump platform.


Paying that hefty price, users will get a panoramic capture rig along with 16 of the firm’s Hero4 Black cameras which come with custom firmware, includes 16 array bacpacs with syncing bcables, custom-built ultra-rugged Pelican case for carrying it around in and of course as said will get a microphone. The set-up boasts features to make shooting Jump virtual reality content easier, including genlock camera synchronization, multi-camera control and extended battery life.

Google I/O: Google introduces the “Odyssey”:

The Film-makers will be able to use the Google Jump assembler to convert the 16 video sources into a strereoscopic VR video, will be viewable on YouTube. Users interested in taking part in the limited access program can register their interest via the GoPro website between now and the end of the year.

(Source: GoPro Odyssey)

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