Retail Box Of iPhone 6s Plus Allegedly Leaked, The Package Looks Like This

Ahead of Apple’s media event scheduled on Sept. 9 where the maker will unveil both the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, a supposed photo of it allegedly points at the retail box of the Plus edition of the phone, leaked online. We’ve already seen ad discovered pretty much everything about what Apple’s actual iPhone 6s hardware will bring, so whst’s left prior to September 9 unveiling? There’s still a pckage to consider. A new low-quality photograph has been thrust into the public domain, and purportedly shows off Apple’s official product packaging for its new iPhone 6s Plus.

The leaked image isn’t the best that we will ever see, but if it represents the final part of the iPhone 6s Plus, then it’s definitely shows us enough to give an indication of what to expect. The photograph however depicts a very familiar looking white box, sized perfectly to fit in one of Apple’s Phones and accompanying accessories. No space wasted here, at all.

The box in the capture is shown in its unfolded state and clearly shows the rumored name of the device with the “s” encased in a square as was the case when the iPhone 5s launched. On top, this particular box appears to show a gold iPhone with a previously unseen wallpaper on the display of the device that allegedly shows a majestic black and gold fish. Genuinely, bearing the usual markings you expect to see on an iPhone retail box, it’s not in line with Apple’s most recent iPhone packaging, though. It’s likely that the different boxes for various color options will show different device, and possibly a different wallpaper. Interesting here is that, is the rather thinner than usual material for the packaging that can been seen.

However, what is new is that the same report is suggesting the iPhone 6s will ship with a reduced battery capacity than iits predecessor. The current iPhone 6 model comes equipped with a 1800mAh, with the 6s Plus packing a 2910 mAh variant. The report claims that the iPhone 6’s battery capacity will be smaller, reduced to 1715 mAh, with the larger 6S Plus coming with a 2750mAh power unit.

Finally, we need to take these unverified leaks with a fairly substantial pinch of salt, as always, but with that said, there’s nothing entirely far-fetched or out of the ordinary here to suggest this isn’t a legitimate report.

Wait and witness the action on September 9th at Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch event. Stay tuned!

(Source: cnBeta)

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