iPhone 7 Could Work With iPad Pro Compatible Apple Pencil?


Just hours left for the Apple’s big iPhone announcement which is all set to unveil its new products on September 7. On Wednesday, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the two highly anticipated ones that we are fairly confident of what Apple is looking to announce relating to.

In the world of social media, this would be a big move into the next arena from manufacturers like Apple to actually keep announcements and product launches under wraps. With Apple CEO Tim Cook taking us to the stage shedding some light on a “one more thing” unveil?

Back in May, Apple’s CEO have alluded to the possibility of the soon-to-be-announced iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus shipping with a compatible Apple Pencil hardware. With support of the company’s Apple Pencil, could iPhone 7 range will also work as was previously worked with the iPad Pro line?

It seems Tim Cook may have implied to the fact that talented designers are capable of creating beautiful designs using an Apple Pencil on a product other than the 12.9-/9.7-inch iPad:

If you’ve ever seen what can be created with that pencil on an iPad or an iPhone, it’s really unbelievable…

Many designers and creative team individuals have relished the opportunity to use Apple’s iPad Pro in conjunction with an Apple Pencil to create gorgeous designs without the need for pen and paper or a separate drawing slate. Unknown at the moment is that whether or not those same designers would jump at the chance to use a 4.7-inch pr 5.5-inch iPhone as a scribble pad is another question entirely.


Could this actually mean what we originally think it could mean? Of course, it’s definitely fair to suggest that the Apple Pencil could have a use on a smaller screen of the iPhone. What else, would be used for full illustrations and as a main designer device is highly reluctant, but there’s a very real chance that professionals and average users alike may get real satisfaction and benefit from using an Apple Pencil to take handwritten notes and highlight areas of images or text for annotation on documents.

Literally, it will be extremely interesting to see if this gets touched on today’s keynote, or this was purely a slip of the Tim Cook tongue in May.

(Via: RedmondPie)

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