Leaked iPad Air 3 Design Shows Up 4 Speakers And Rear Camera Flash

Newly outed technical drawings however apperas to showcase the as yet unannounced iPad Air 3, leaked completely with four-speakers audio setup and as long as we are concerned it also suggests to have integrated with an LED rear-facing flash to accompany the device’s camera.

Technically, the drawing that popped up on French website Nowherelse.fr, show what is suggested to be the rumored iPad Air 3 from the rear view. that too with an Apple Logo printed and what actually it looks like to be an iPad Pro sporting four-speaker audio system that would allow sound to be presented in full stereo. No matter the orientation in which the device is placed. Many witnessed an iPad Pro in action which the four-speaker alternative is superior, and iPads historically has been good at external speaker stakes.

If its ture that iPad Pro’s new speakers are apparently making their way into the iPad Air lineup, isn’t a big surprise but what really makes a surprise is the apparent inclusin of an LED flash. On top sitting beside the rear camera depending on integration, the LED flash will allow for night-time photography, which is certainly an interesting concept. iPad users do insist on using their tablet to take photos and need good camera as well, and the inclusion of an LED flash is notion to change that.

Unfortunately the source that shared the iPad Air 3 design leaks haven’t given any garuntee that this new leak is genuine, but it does point out that this leaker have form for being accurate in such matters. Apple is although preparing for its upcoming March media event all set to announce a new iPad Air. 3 new inclusions added to the list of its best features, if not for those speakers than the flash! Little is known about the iPad Air 3, aside a report saying it will lack 3D Touch, could include a faster A9 or A9X processor, Oxide TFT display, Smart Connector and more over an improved camera setup. Images on the screen could also enable ipad Air 3 to have a larger and longer battery life. Since Apple has not updated its 9.7-inch tablet after the iPad Air 2 in October 2014.


(Source: NWE [Google Translate])

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