Images Of iPhone 6s Plus Rear Shell Leaked, Reveals Stronger Body


New photos surfaced online of the so-what called “iPhone 6s Plus” claim to show the rear casing of Apple’s next-generation iPhone. Leaked component is purported to be an official rear casing directly from Apple’s iPhone 6s production line.

The new iPhone’s visuals are very similar and the individuals who have allegedly had a hands-on experience with the component are suggesting that it is clearly manufactured from a material that is significantly stronger than the rear shell of its predecessor, the iPhone 6 Plus, while mentioning a “stronger” construction to the device’s rear casing.

The alleged official casing was obtained and shared with the world by Future Supplier. Also noticed a slight difference between the iPhone 6s Plus and last year’s model, specifically in the location of a few screws used to hold the loud speaker module and the original leakers have confirmed from the casing that not a great deal has changed. Showcased in photos, a number of screw holes have been moved to shut the internal placement of components what will ship inside of the 6s Plus, which is the actual structure of the casing that is pretty much identical to that of the current-generation iPhone 6 Plus.


Future Supplier also admits that the gold color used on the casing is also identical to that of the current iPhone series. Noted difference would be the current 6 Plus feels a lot smoother than the rear of the leaked iPhone 6s Plus rear shell. What you have to consider is that it is the fact that the obtained part hadn’t fully gone through its own manufacturing process and wasn’t a finished product. The website also noted that the leaked rear shell felt “stronger” structurally than the iPhone 6 Plus. Now that Apple looks to learn from the past mistakes with the aim of avoiding another Bendgate scandal.


Yet another slight difference may come in the material actually used to create the rear housing for the iPhone 6s Plus. Witnessed a number of internal changes under the hood of the next-gen iPhone which would account for the minimal ammendments to the screw placings shown in the photos. What we can predict from this leak is that the next iPhone will largely focused and visually identical to the current model are more than likely accurate. Otherwise, a pretty aesthetically similar device, which makes sense for an “S” generation upgrade for the iPhone 6 line.

The introduction of a new pink or rose gold color option is likely to be the only visual difference that we can expect from the upcoming hardware.

(Source: FutureSupplier)

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