Leaked OnePlus 3 Renders And Specs Show Up New Design, Front-Facing Speakers And More

The OnePlus X has only just been revealed by the Chinese startup, and the company’s current flagship, the OnePlus 2, has only been with us for just over three months, though, that no way prevents the company from starting to think about a successor. With the possible design and production of the OnePlus 3 flagship phone has hit the web via a semi-popular Chinese source.

Information regarding the so-called OnePlus 3 comes in courtesy of a Chinese publishing, reveals a set specifications for the new flagship smartphone as well as a couple of rendered images which actually give us early indication of what the hardware could look like when it potentially hits store shelves next year. A render of the alleged OnePlus 3 has been leaked revealing key design changes.

Report is suggesting that the device wi;; ship with a full HD 1080p display rather than a QHD offering, allowing the company to save money on the production of the OnePlus 3 device, but still offer imressive specs and performance. The processing power of the speculated OnePlus device is expected to be drawn from Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 processor. It’s the latest SoC from the company in the Snapdragon range and will start appearing in new upcoming smartphone and tablets very soon so that doesn’t appear to be beyond the remains of possibility.

To say some words, the Snapdragon 820 is certainly in works that would allow devices of this nature to ship with higher amounts of internal RAM. Well, it doesn’t appear that the launch of the OnePlus 3 and that series would coincide.

Leaked visuals also suggest that the smartphone will not have the fingerprint sensor. Biometric detection is one key area of the OnePlus 3 that seems to be shrounded in a little bit of confusion. Renders although show up that the fingerprint detector from the OnePlus 2 has been removed for this new model.It’s highly unlikely that OnePlus would welcome in a regression of features for a new flagship, leading us to believe that the company could be planning to building and iris detector for the 3rd one.

About OnePlus 3. There’s a front-facing speakers setup, which is one feature that may just become part of the final release of the handset, likely with stereo output. It also sports a brushed metal back panel.

Aside from this, there is no other information available about the handset at this point. It’s highly likely that as time progreses we will start to witness leaks of this nature filter through. Of course, the OnePlus 3 is still a few months away.

(Source: mobile-dad [Google Translate])

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