Leaked Packaging Reveals iPhone SE Branding, 16GB Base Storage, NFC For Apple Pay

As Apple’s March 21 Spring 2016 event nears, a new photo has emerged that not only confirms to show the official packaging for the iPhone SE, but also potentially reveals a number of rumored points about the upcoming hardware. The leaked image has also been shared into the public domain via Chinese social media site Weibo, which contains text that very much confirms that the 4-inch hardware will be branded “iPhone SE” and will allow the use of Apply Pay, will ship with a base 16GB storage option.

There are no such visual reasons that would suggest the shared image of packaging contains is fake. With that said, with no real source to attribute this leak to, it could be photoshopped too. Nevertheless, for now the box itself clearly outlines that the new 4″ iPhone model will be offered in 16GB variant. That gadget would be entirely focusing on budget friendly market, with conusmers expecting Apple to introduce a larger, 64GB capacity for those who really need to spend a little more to get a little more audio files sync.


The side of the box also outlines the inclusion of “NFC”, meaning that those purchasing the device would have access to Apple Payment platform for contactless payments in supported regions and outlets, which China received the same Apple Pay offering recently. Apple would allow those iPhone SE owners to register a compatible bank card via the Wallet app, and transact in stores and within supported apps with a simple biometric authentication via Touch ID.

Notably, it’s been radically speculated over the past few months that the iPhone SE would ship with NFC purely for Apple Pay purposes, and this appears to confirm that. Finally, the fact here is te text mentions “EarPods” as an included accessory which gives the game much away from 3.5mm headphones jack perspective. Rumors suggests that iPhone 7 will ship without the 3.5mm jack embedded within.

Shipping iPhone SE with Apple’s standard EarPods means that 4-inch 2016 model must have the 3.5mm headphone aperture on the bottom. There’s no actual visuals of the device itself shown on the shared image, but it is expected to believe that it will deviate from the iPhone 5s-esque design that everything and everyone accompained.

Alongside the 4-inch iPhone SE, Apple is expected to announce 9.7-inch iPad Pro at its “Let Us Loop You In” media event this moning Monday.

(source: Weibo)

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