Galaxy S6 Edge+: Samsung Wouldn’t Really Do This … Would they?

Leaked photos show this odd and hideous keyboard cover for the next generation Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Would they? Sometimes, just when you think you’ve seen every bad idea in manufacturing smartphones – usually with a BalckBerry logo on it – and sometimes it comes along and reminds that there will always be a more rediculous around the corner. That’s what happended here with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ keyboard case. Although Samsung likes get more creative with its new hardware design at times, which in result brought a big hits and successes like the Galaxy S6 edge but at the same time has also flops like the Galaxy Round, for instance. What appears today is a Typo-style keyboard attachment that the leakster posted a picture that hints at will launch alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge+ this week.

The award for the strangest accessory that we have ever come scross goes to Samsung, after notorious leaker @evleaks posted an image of what is claimed to be a keyboard cover for the yet-unannounced Galaxy S6 Edge+. Read it right, the keyboard and a cover is one.

The leaked photo however shows the Galaxy S6 Edge+ donning the abomination that is the keyboard case. Covering only the bottom portion of the handset’s screen, this keyboard cover should give owners of Samsung’s latest Galaxy lineup a new way to type on a physical QWERTY keypad should the idea of using a software keyboard fill them like dread. Given that the leaker’s track record, but someone at Samsung clearly believes otherwise. Looks like the UI will automatically adjust itself to compensate for the hidden portion of the screen, as the cver slides over the device’s hardware keys, it will come with substitute home, back and multitasking buttons.

Notably, this type of Keyboard covering seen on Nokia N series lineup in the past. Still got no idea or details yet as to when the keyboard cover will be released or how much it actually costs, but with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ set to be announced at an Unpacked 2015 event this week on August 13, we don’t expect to have to wait too long before the thing gets its first outing.

With software keyboards now very much the convey, it is easy to forget that at one point, many Android phones came with slide-out hardware keyboards because some people still felt they were required. Years gone, the software keyboard has improved so much as hardware keyboards have almost died out, though Samsung obviously thinks there still be a need for them all.

We actually hope Samsung goes through with releasing a keyboard attachment for the S6 edge+ and if it does it in perfect way, it’s will be a massive hit. We don’t think you’re likely to see too many of these keyboard covers around.

(Source: Evleaks)

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