Meet iDot Dumbphone Concept By Apple, Here’s What It Looks Like [Video]

2015 calendar year is ending in days and in the world where our smartphones are with us at all times, beeping and ringing for our attention, it’s easy to see why some felt the need to not just cut back on their use of those handsets, but do not away with them cpmpletely. What if Apple were to create a simplistic ‘dumbphone’? The return of dumb phone may not be nigh, that isn’t a computer.


Wonder how a dumb phone would look like if it was created by Apple. Well known for making some of the best looking, thinnest smartphones around, the thought of Apple turning its attentions to something a little less iPhone and a bit more Rokr is an interesting one. Therefore, the iDot, a concept based on what a dumb phone from Apple would comprise.

Created by the folks over at CURVED/Labs, the concept – iDot mobile phone with 6.3 chassis based on the design of the new Siri remote. Equipped with the new, 4th generation Apple TV and a battery capable of lasting up to five days because, it is not got a great deal to power. The iDot would feature no App Store, no camera and no internet connection, making it a dumb phone in every sense of the term.


Well, boiling the iPhone down to something that just makes phone calls is an interesting concept, but it’s not for us. Dumb phone, the concept makes for a good-looking phone that more or less captures the elegance of Apple’s design language – even it it does look a little too 1990s.

Check out the concept’s renders in the YouTube video embedded below.


With an existing bluetooth-connection the “cellie” is able to receive selected notifications from apps – similar to the Apple Watch. Without the connection the mobile communication is reduced to the basics: the call.”

(Source: CURVED/Labs [Google Translate])

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