Meet Kangaroo Mini PC: A Portable Windows 10 Desktop Available For $99 [Video]

InFocus has officially launched Kangaroo Windows 10 mini PC that goes with you anywhere you want it to take. It is a portable Windows 10 running desktop personal computer, which is now available to purchase at $99.

Windows 10 portable desktop mini PC is here, available for just $99
Offering a convenient way to carry your desktop PC in your pocket, the Kangaroo Windows 10 PC is equipped with a minimal aesthetics of Intel Atom X5 processor supported by 2GB of RAM and equipped with 32GB of expandable storage. It has roughly the same size as a smartphone and is capable of being used via its rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Its new Kangaroo PC gives you a battery-powered Windows 10 desktop that’s about as small as a PC-on-a-stick. Connect peripherals and start working for up to four hours. You can pull out to connect to an iPad if you’re bent on a completely portable setup.

In my thoughts, InFocus takes a clever approach to expansion, there’s an included dock with HDMI and two USB ports, and there are promising features of more add-ons in the future. However, the system isn’t any more powerful than an entry-level laptop. Order on today from Newegg for a mere 99 US dollars.


For more information on the new Kangaroo mini PC jump over to the press release website for details here (InFocus, PR Newswire).

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