Microsoft Is Rumored To Be Working on A New Affordable Metal-Frame Flagship

While the Windows 10 is already running on millions of desktop PCs through Microsoft’s usual upgrade channel. Now that for the handset fans of the same mobile OS category, Microsoft’s October 6th keynote has a fresh new lineup in store, although complete with a long-overdue flagship duo of Lumia 950 and 950 XL, as well as see the launch of Microsoft Band 2 and of course a new upgraded variant of Surface Pro 4. If you have missed another gadget, that would be the more unique variant on budget-friendy segment, called Lumia 550 – at the event as a new mid-range device.

Alongside the two high-end Lumia handset, Microsoft might actually have something in store to fill that niche shortly. Industry sources are discussing about a brand new device that the software maker is allegedly developing and referring to it as an “affordable smartphone” flagship of 2015.

It could be considered as a spiritual successor to the quite popular Lumia 830, but Microsoft plans to make the offer a bit more tantalizing this time around, by adding some premium design in the shape of a metal frame. The material in itself is an existing new concept within the extensively plastic Lumia realm, so this alone might have prove enough to garuntee the device’s success.

Unfortunately, this is all we got about the device right now and take it with a pinch o salt before cosidering its specs, built etc. Thanks to (Source).

Freshly leaked render gives us a peek at the Lumia 550

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