New Apple TV 4 Will Reportedly Focus On Games, Challenging Traditional Consoles [Concept]

Apple’s upcoming September 9 event may have a strong announcements and great deals of excitement surrounding the possible introduction of additional hardware. First one could be about the speculated fourth-generation Apple TV, especially focusing heavily on gaming; particular pointing that because it was discovered that apart from the motion control support from gaming in the remote that will ship with Apple TV 4, the initiative would additionally support third-party Bluetooth gaming controllers as well. Now that, a new report has reaffirmed that speculation, by claiming that gaming will be one of the priimary marketable aspects of the next Apple TV (2015) iteration.

On Wednesday’s iPhone 6s launch event, Apple is admitted to launch a redesigned set-top box, Apple TV 4 – complete with a brand-new remote that may be used for controlling video games. According to the report, Apple is evidently been in touch on gaming with this particular release, so Apple TV 4 remote is probably required for playing various titles on the new console-esque device.

Wait! Nothing is official at the moment, but it remains to be seen whether or not Apple is taking the ambitious decision of going head-to-head with traditional consoles, such as biggies like Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PlayStation 4, but given the limited specifications of the fourth-gen Apple TV in comparison, it seems highly unlikely. Indeed, given the fact that the mobile-gaming business is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and the ATV4 is highly expected to come intefrated with an App Store and developer facing SDK, it however seems likely that Apple will attempt to position the Apple TV as the perfect casual gaming device.

Some reports also revealed that the new Apple TV will be bigger than the current one, but no official photos of the device made available yet. The report cites individual who have “been briefed on Apple’s plans”, claiming that Apple intends to make gaming a “primary selling point” of the new Apple TV. To stream music, the Apple TV has been classed as nothing more than a hobby project internally at Apple, but has been used by consumers predominantly to stream media from a number of supported devices, such as Netflix, Hulu or iTunes. It now appears that those limitations would be cast away into the ether when Apple unveils the biggest upgrade yet to its little blacl set-top TV box.

apple-tv-with-game-controllerAlthough, the Mac maker already has a range of devices that are great for mobile gaming. The launch of the Metal framework and inprovements to its existing gaming frameworks for developers has seen a huge improvements in the quality of games available for iPhone and iPad, plus, soon Macs running OS X El Capitan. In fact that the Apple TV is relatively low-cost hardware, and is connected directly to a larger screen HD television sets within the home, it however makes perfect sense for Apple to try and position the gadget as a casual gaming device for consumers, who don’t want to spend a fortune on a powerful console or upwards of $50 for new games. Apple’s fourth-generation TV could fill that void perfectly.

Here’s Martin Hajek, a designer who has created many renders for unannounced devices, including Apple products, is now out with an intriguing Apple TV concept. Interesting thing about Hajek’s 2015 Apple TV idea is the iPhone-like remote control, on its front side the device has a home-like fingerprint sensor, physical buttons, and a touchscreen display that’s much more narrower than the iPod touch, though it nevertheless features similar functionality. Flip remote, you get physical buttons that would turn it into a console-like controller reminiscent a bit of Nintendo’s Wii remote controls. It is slimmer than Apple’s newest Tv set-top box in stores and includes TouchID fingerprint sensor, an HDMI connector and a power slot, and Apple logo that lights up can also been seen in pictures below.


(Source: The New York Times)

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