New Apple TV Remote May Feature Wii-Like Motion Control For Gaming

Next is what at Apple’s big iPhone announcement event now happening on September 9th? The Mac maker is also expected to announced a revised Apple TV at the keynote. This September is believed to be the time for the new Apple TV reboot, indicating a new direction for the device. Yet another report has the new Apple TV shipping with a widely different remote to the ne currently available. What eaxctly it has that much to hype today? Check the details on actual measures of the inclusions the next Apple TV remote carries with it in 2015.

The implication, of course points at the Apple TV could become a major new competitor in casual gaming experience. According to the report by TechCrunch, the new remote, aper from featuring a touchpad on the top of the device as well as physical buttons on the bottom, will be able to sense motion in a similar way to how a Nintendi Wii game controller does. With that said, this new remote that has some people believing once agin that Apple will push the new TV as a casual gaming device, especially if this rumors of a dedicated App Store and SDK prove to be accurate and witnessed.


A game controller with a microphone, physical buttons, a touchpad and motion sensitive controls would be extremely capable.

Think, for instance, of multi-player gaming with several people using voice input, or many popular genres of party games that would do far better on the TV than on an iPad or iPhone.

Likely that path for it event without a Wii-like remote: Apple is supposed to finally open up an app store for the Apple TV, and obviously games are sure to follow quickly, which the store would give TV owners an easy way to start gaming on the television and likely at a much lower cost than buying an Xbox or PlayStation do you think about it?

No matter what software the Apple TV does run, the inclusion of a new, motion-sensing remote is one thing, and also said to include a microphone that will be used for Siri commands, giving Apple TV a new input method that right away isn’t available on the existing Apple TV models.


One thing that the Apple TV is still not expected to include is access to an Apple-made streaming TV service. Rather supposed to be making these changes to the remote simply to make the Apple TV easier to use. With the whole Apple TV interface as much as possible, it is said that the new intitiative blows away the competition as far as the user experience is concerned, which is something Apple achieved with the iPhone, iPad, and, arguably, the Apple Watch – which sits on second position on world’s top of best smartwatch list, while Fitbit sits on first.

Could it be about to recieve it’s second chance at life?  new Apple TV should be announced on September 9th. Stay tuned with iPhone 6s hands-on!

(Source: TechCrunch)

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