New Video Shows Working Display And Logic Board Of Apple’s iPhone 6s

A leaked iPhone 6s video show assembled parts of what is expected to be Apple’s next smartphone revealing its display and logic board assembled into a semi-working handset. Apple is although expected to refresh its smartphone line-up in the upcoming weeks, and with September 9th date speculated for the company’s big reveal. Where it is expected to showcase updated versions of two flagship models, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Now that a new video uploaded on YouTube and published, likely comes from the supply chain in China, shows up what exactly is claimed to be the 5-inch display of the iPhone 6s connected t the smartphone’s logic board, which further shows that the handset powering on, but only showing a gear icon on the homescreen rather than booting up iOS.

The new leak brings together sveral previous pieces of information live, which have alleged about the new iPhone 6s, though it is really hard to clarify just how accurate this video is. Interesting part in the video however are the images published alongside it by the Apple news website.

Images leaked out also indicates that one of the major areas of improvements in the upcoming iPhone 6s will be in relation to networking speed. Showsing that Apple is planning to use a new chip from Qualcomm which will apparently increase 4G LTE speeds while reducing the amount of powered needed. In addition, Apple will be using Qualcomm’s WTR3925 radio frequency transceiver chip which is built on a smaller and crucially more power-effiecient – 28nm process (compared to 65nm in the iPhone 6). The source claims that the change will also “eleminate the need for a seperate companion chip (WTR1620 on iPhone 6) for carrier aggregation, which nontheless combines seperate specturms into a single faster connection to increase data speeds and network capacity.”


Leaked photos also show the change in the way the shieldong on the iPhone 6s rear of the display is attached, with it being glued in place rather than screwed, which is far from a confirmation of the presense of Force Touch, which Apple may be considering on the iPhone 6s. Technology first seen on the Apple Watch and allows the system to measure the pressure of a user’s touch sensitive response, activating different features the hard you press. The leak itself gives viewers a glimpse of the iPhone 6s logic board, new photos of said¬†logic board have surfaced as well, and show an improved radio system, which should mean faster 4G speeds for those whose carriers support it.


It is up to you and iPhone fanfare, while the Apple rumor mill is an industry all of its own and we are likely to see an increasing amount of leaks in the coming weeks ahead of the official launch date next month. Better to carry such leaked videos and images with a grain of salt and pepper to fire up more amongst the reality. Stay tuned!

The iPhone 6s, and likely, iPhone 6s Plus, are expected to be announced on or around September 9th, with the new phones going on sale a couple of weeks later. New leaks confirms that the next iPhone will pose with 12MP camera, and possibility to witness a new Apple TV is likely to arrive at the same time. Previously-rumored iPads will most likely be announced the following month.

You can watch the leaked video below:

Thanks: MacRumors

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