New Photos Emerge: iPhone 6s Front Camera And Force Touch Parts Shown In Video

It’s September 9 release date, as Apple officially introduce its new iPhone 6s that’s slightly thicker than the iPhone 6, as predicted. New photographs and a video have appeared online which claim to depict parts from the upcoming iPhone 6s, including what seems to be a new, larger FaceTime camera on front as well as at least one component believed to be part of a imminent Force Touch feature.


The photos appeared to exhibit the new camera and screen of the next iPhones – acquired by 9to5Mac, likely called the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Newly leaked images display high-resolution captures rather than the usual shaky-cam efforts we are sued to seeing in leaks, clearly depict a larger hole for the Selfie camera, which, it is believed, means Apple is set to bump the current 1.2-megapixel sensor in favor of a little more capable with f/2.2 aperture.

Rumors already there tipping at the iPhone 6s FaceTime camera would feature software-based flash photography capabilities as well as the ability to take slow-motion video and panoramas. Reportedly it is said to pose a larger 12-megapixel rear camera, marking the first change in megapixel count for the iPhone’s main camera in quite some time. The photo below compares the front of what is allegedly the new iPhone, in black, with that of the iPhone 6’s.


Beyond the possibility of a new camera part, the photographs also reveal what is said to be a component that pertains to the new iPhone 6s’s Force Touch capabilities. Below is a shot of the rectangle-shaped haptic feedback engine that creates the vibration response under the user’s finger touch. Long rumored to be making the jump from the Apple Watch to the company’s iOS devices, the technology is expected to provide quick access to common system-wide tasks and possibly allow developers to add additional functionality to their apps without cluttering their interfaces.


Finally, the internal design of the yet-unannounced new iPhone unveil a new fingerprint sensor. It means, there is also a magnified shot of the new and improved Touch ID-enabled Home button’s slot from the rear of the chassis. Apple is under a certain amount of pressure to offer a set of feature improvements in the new iPhone 6s.


Apple is holding an event on 9th of September, which is likely to include the release of both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, alongside these products, is also expected to manifest an updated Apple TV. Not clear on whether the new iPads will be announced at the event, with a similar event apparently to take place in October in order toafford the iPad an event all of its own.

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