OnePlus 2 Dual SIM Smartphone Confirmed, Introduces New Invite System For Purchase


About the upcoming OnePlus 2 we here have two new clarifications, one it has been confirmed that the next-gen OnePlus to be a dual SIM phone with 50 time more inventery and the other is regarding bargain, aka buying OnePlus 2 using the new ‘Invite System’. Details on both topics can be grabbed right after this jump.

First we’ll be talking about the Dual SIM on OnePlus 2. New hardware from the Chinease manufacturer ends the puzzle, and confirms that it will be functioning with  wto SIM cards with even better, dual standby capabilities. Officially, it has been announced by the company’s CEO, Lui Zuohu through Wiebo.


Customers, who already bought OnePlus One are now lloking forward to the OnePlus 2, and to avoid drawback similar to its predecessor, the team behind the second OnePlus flagship also promised that it will have 50 time more inventory of the upcoming, compared to the One already on sale.

Now that the OnePlus company is also looking for a new invite system, which lets users buy OnePlus Two without any hassle. Free of course, and not the availabilitry of phone, but it is actually helping customers without any issue. It’s upgraded with reservation lists and better post-purchase sharable invites. Besides, with the extended inventory getting an invite should be much easier this time around. Great!

OnePlus by introducing physical cards which can be used as invites to purchase the OnePlus 2. Since they’re confident about the demand and the way they can supply, planning to have almost 30-50 times the number of invites they had last year for the predecessor, which this year makes it easier to get invites even during the initial sales period of the successor, OnePlus 2.

Invites will start rolling out for the members first who are actively on OnePlus forums, and later they will also see a reservation system that allow people to receive an invitation as and when OnePlus 2 will be available without participating in the forum.


Sharable invites are such you will be receiving, makes a purchase. But this time, they should arrive in your account much faster though.


The OnePlus 2 most-likely to have a metal build, a 3300 mAh battery abd 4G LTE with support for more bands. 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM on a Snapdragon 810v2.1 SoC are confirmed as is the 13MP main Duo-camera. Interestingly it would carry the USB Type-C port as connectivity options. Promised that the phone will have a price tag below $450. Release date time frame as you all know will be on July 27th at its Virtual Reality show.

Stay tuned!

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