Rumor: Sony Is Developing A New “PlayStation 4.5” With Support For 4K And VR Gaming

Microsoft is however considering a minor console refresh, but Sony seem to be reportedly working on a slightly faster PlayStation 4 to deliver 4K gaming, at the same time should give its new hardware PS4.5 a big help for PlayStation VR. A new report claims that Sony’s PlayStation 4 getting a new iteration, with developers having already been briefed on the device, which is still relatively new in the grand timescales that gaming hardware tend to work with.

The new device, which is being named PlayStation 4.5 by the Sony developers also shared a little information, regarding the refresh, is far from an officially announced product from the Japanese electronics, Sony. Sources in multiple point out the same thing – a new, mildly updated PlayStation is in development, although when it will put into production and sold to the public is anyone’s guess this time, afterall.


The unofficially calling PS4.5. Naturally, it’s said to pack in more graphical horsepower, which it’ll need to spit out games in 4K. The updated PlayStation 4.5 hardware will use is said to be aimed at bringing 4K gaming experience to Sony’s hardware as well as support for enhanced games that specifically require the recently-announced Sony PlayStation VR headset. Set to go live this coming Fall, the PlayStation VR headset would benefit from increased compuational power that could eventually be offered by the upgraded PS4.5.

Currently, we don’t really know anything about Sony’s plan, but admitted that it could end up being some sort of add-on device for existing PlayStation 4s, or it might be an entirely new VR console that will leave existing PS4 owners behind. As for gaming in 4K, the PlayStation 4 already supports 4K video and photo output, but technically, being able to push 4K gaming to a big screen TC would require new architecture, with PS4.5 said to be in the cards for that specific reason. With a higher-end Graphic card (GPU) built inside set to make its debut in the unannounced console, 4K gaming could radically be on the cards.

evelopers might be able to use the PS4.5’s added power to bring even more sophisticated visual effects to their titles, which could realistcally end up offering more of a visual upgrade than the 4K jump alone. With so many independent developers and sources claiming the new hardware at the recent GDC (Gaming Developer Conference) event, seems unlikely for this to be just a rumor. Sony used that same keynote to bring more developers on board at the same time.

For now, it’s unclear whether the PS4.5 would actually be a new piece of hardware or simply an addition to the existing PS4. We’ll try to and answer the questions, and more, as more info about PS4.5 starts to leak out.


(Source: Kotaku)

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