Possibilities Of iPhone SE Design Compared In New Renderings

Last week, schematics for the Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE given a first look, and also the re-initiated relese date in March. New renderings based on case maker’s specifications came right from several sources, as one of two designs from OnLeaks and another from 9to5Mac. Both depict an iPhone that looks a lot like the iPhone 5s, but the design architecture however differ quite a bit from the past.

Mockup of the iPhone SE looks almost identical to the iPhone 5s, while the schematic pictures came from OnLeaks shows curved edges, leading to a look that’s a hybrid of an iPhone 6 and an 5s. Compared the two designs to a purely conceptual rendering from Curved Labs imagining the iPhone SE as a smaller iPhone 6/6s.

Given the fact that the iPhone SE will be a smaller size variant to the iPhone 5s, with the two even able to share cases, but on the other hand, it’s said it will include a slightly curved glass display, two concepts that are pretty difficult to conceptualize, though. An iPhone SE’s similar size with curved edges seen in the OnLeaks schematic won’t be able to use the same accessories as the iPhone 5s due to the different shape.

Not more than a month left for iPhone SE launch, and still there are no leaks of the back portion of the 4-inch device surfaced, to help us nail down the original look at the mobile hardware. With no visual evidence hands-on, it’s still difficult to determine whether the Apple’s iPhone SE is an exact clone of iPhone 5s or a design refreshj that takes cues from multiple devices.

Renderings on the other hand agree the iPhone SE will have the power button that remains located at the top of the gadget, and it certainly appears that it will use a pill-shaped flash and the same round volume buttons that were found on the iPhone 5s. Also suggests that the camera could protrude somewhat, a possibility if the iPhone SE adopts the 12-megapixel camera in the iPhone 6s, which is approximately 0.7mm from the 7.1mm body of the device. The iPhone 5s’s thickness is 7.6mm, and for the iPhone SE, rumored to have the same dimensions, so the camera could stick out slightly.

Although the iPhone SE is said to resemble the iPhone 5s on the exterior part, whereas the internals are rumored to be on par with Apple’s latest iPhone 6/6s devices. It will include an A9 processor, along with the oft-mentioned upgraded camera setup and an NFC chip to support Apple Pay and no 3D Touch display.


Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone SE at an event which the company is holding it on March 21st. Also witness the debut of the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad, which is branded as a smaller “iPad Pro”, instead to be called as iPad Air 3, and new Apple Watch bands.

The new renderings of iPhone SE created by Martin Hakek, depicting the three concepts side-by-side. Worth checking out more on his website here.

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