PlayStation 4 Hacked To Run Linux And Pokemon [Video]

This is what all about a successful crack attempt at actually hacking/jailbreaking the Sony PlayStation 4 console, which we could be witnessing the birth of community focused on one that just reached new heights. A new hack, which indeed allowed a fully functioning version of Linux to be installed onto the PlayStation 4, could pave the way for such a happening. Afterall, PS4 and Xbox One systems are just PCs, and now hardware hackers have started doing some very cool things with at least one of these home gaming consoles.

The first and foremost PlayStation 4 jailbreaking was apparently achieved in June by a Brazilian team of tinkers. Best described as “cumbersome” as it required copying the entire content of the hijacked console’s hard drive through the services of a connected Raspberry Pi; not exactly a user-friendly solution. However, things have progressed little since then, with a full exploit now being publicly known by those with the exact and matching skillets. The exploit which allowed the failOverflow team to dive into the deepest darkest depths of the PS4’s internals and get a functioning version of Linux up and running on the console.


Console-hacking group has fnally cracked the PS4 and loaded it up with a version of Linux, and this would be the biggest achievement to gain access of homebrew software running on Sony’s popular console. This also turns the PlayStation 4 into a real PC. It even doesn’t stop with Linux. Fail0verflow has also booted up a Game Boy Advance emulator and a modded copy of Pokemon that the group calls the “PlayStation Version.”

Wonder how the fail0verflow team used a WebKit bug to trick the PlayStation 4’s OS into providing deep access via a very specific web page. Later on after digging into its architecture, the team then able to identify and exploit weakness in the hardware’s GPU, designed and developed by Marvell. It’s great to see teams still paying attention to gadgets other than smartphones and tablets, and also worth noting that this particular proof of concept actually relies on PlayStation 4 firmware version 1.76. Considering Sony has just issued version 3.11 for download, it’s highly unlikely that many PS4 consoles will still be running that legacy OS version.


Remember George Hotz? More commonly known by his online nickname Geohot, or the first person to jailbreak the original iPhone with a hardware-based hack – got himself into legal strife with Sony Computer Entertainment for releasing a “how to hack the PS3 guide” onto the Internet. Simialr level of importance is still being managed on liberating the PlayStation 4 in an attempt to bypass Sony’s extremely tight security mechanisms.

Wait! The Game Boy emulator is particularly interesting because Fail0verflow actually connected a Game Boy Advance to the PlayStation 4 to serve as the controller. Point to be noted is that, this is probably not the best way to play your old portable games. But it shows that the hacking group has control of much of the PS4 system.

Final word, Linux on a PlayStation isn’t the craziest thing in the world. When PlayStation 3 launched with a feature called “OtherOS” that enabled anyone to load the system with Linux or other desktop operating systems. Sony has however removed that later, but a community of homebrews kept it alive on their own. Now, that legacy lives on with the PS4.

(Source: GitHub, Video credit: BiteYourConsole [YouTube])

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