Razer Made A GAME Capture Card Designed To Boost Livestreaming Like A Pro

Assuming that livestreaming games are a big business counterparts these days, that Razer aknolowedged it. The gear designer has finally unveiled the cature card, called Ripsaw – all about sharing your console and PC gaming exploits on the likes of Twitch or YouTue sessions. The new Ripsaw creation also promises full-quality footage as well, it’s built to work “out of the box” with common streaming apps like Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit, and its combination of a USB 3.0 connection and audio inputs should just do legitimately to both the video (you’ll get uncompressed 1080p, 60FPS captures) and your commentary track.

enter the world of streaming like a pro with razers new game capture card - Ripsaw!
Razer’s main aim is to create a box that meets the needs of veteran streamers, but won’t intimidate newcomers. You can even get all the cables you need, too, with the new Ripsaw initiative.

The Ripsaw is now available for $80, and that’s not the officially total cost, though. You’ll also require a reasonably powerful Windows PC, with bot a 4th-generation iCore processor and a mid-range graphics card (could be GeForce or NVIDIA). With tha said, you probably already check those boxes if you’re really interested to be in the first place. This graphic card from Razer is for those persons who either stream for a living or are already smaing enthusiasts.

Try it! Learn more directly from here. In addition to that, Razer is also developing an online resource platform for streamers to get tips and tricks to performing their best.

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