Samsung Reportedly To Start Building Chips For AMD In 2016

Unofficial sources claims that Samsung has been looking for its high-tech chip plants and entered into a partnership with AMD. Samsung’s deal begins with knowing that AMD is no longer making chips anymore. Evidently that with falling smartphone sales, Samsung has been trying to boost its chip manufacturing business and to manufacture chips of AMD in 2016.

Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD To Compete With Intel And Qualcomm Head On
AMD, is certainly behind Intel and NVIDIA in GPU and CPU sales, and is still struggling financially. The company is laying off 5% of its 9,700-strong workforce, and two key hardware gurus, Jim Keller and Phil Rogers, recently departed. Despite all that, AMD has built itself a niche supplying all the chips used by Microsoft and Sony in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Conjunction with Globalfoundries, Samsung will start making CPU and GPU chips for AMD using 14nm technology. Where Samsung has been struggling against Apple with smartphone sales and it manufactures a good chunck of the chips for Apple devices, and also builds GPUs for NVIDIA and other manufacturers. AMD’s next-coming CPUs should be more competitive with Intel thanks to the smaller 14-nanometer process, and could be as much as 40% faster and more efficient than its current generation.

The South Korean Electronics has been seeking to grow its external client base as smartphones using its own mobile Exynos chipsets, aren’t been selling as much as Samsung has hoped in recent times. If AMD continues to work with Samsung, it might actually get a leg up on Intel in the PC market, because Samsung expects to ship even more efficient 10nm chips by next year, and when speaking about Intel’s 10-nanometer chips won’t arrive until 2017.

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According to Korea’s Electronic Times.

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