Sata Disk: Samsung’s New 16TB SSD Is The “World’s Largest Hard Drive” Ever Available

Ultimately, there is no limit for storage space even when Samsung at the Flash Memory Summit in California revealed a new 2.5-inch SSD drive with 16 terabyte of storage space. Now that gone are the days when you have to sacrifice size for speed with an SSD drive in your laptop, and with Samsung’s unveil of 16TB Sata disk, which is not only the world’s largest SSD – but it’s actually now the world’s largest hard drive, period.

The 16TB Samsung PM1633a SSD
How Samsung pull off a such an incredible feat? Under the hardware there’s PM1633a SSD – where you will find stacks and stacks of the company’s latest and essential 256Gbit NAND flash dies, which are twice the capcity of the 128Gbit NAND flash dies currently in use. The Samsung’s new SSD should contain somewhere around 480 and 500 of the dies inside, is more impressive given it still fits inside a 2.5-inch housing, and of course taller than most.

Cost? New 16TB SSD is here and what about the price you tagged with, is a million dollar question. Probably not a million dollars, but the first units will initially sell in the range of $5000 to US$ 7,000 and will be targeted at servers use and other enterprise applications. Howqever, the massive SSDs will certainly drop in price later on over time and trickle down to consumers. 4K Movie downloads and Blu-ray videos can be stored just in time for our storage demands.

Notably, the company’s initial demonstration was with 48 of the new SSDs installed in a server, making up almost 768TB of storage. Is there any consumer on Earth who would be willing to pay the price of the drive anyway. Go with 16TB SSD or with just released new 2.5-inch 2TB SSDs in consumer and professional variants – priced at $800 and $1000, respectively.


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