Snapdragon 830 Powered Smartphones With 8GB RAM Could See The Sunlight Soon, Thanks To Qualcomm

What’s more ideal about the majority of what we could classify as “normal ever day” smartphone owners is that of getting no detailed information on the limitations of certain aspects of their devices based onthe components used. Like for example, wonder why smartphones can’t equip 6GB or 8GB of RAM memory. The amount integrated into a device is rather limited by whay the SoC is capable and of course the CPU initiative of supporting, but that could be about to significantly increase thanks to a new Qualcomm System-on-Chips release as per reports coming out of China.


Producer of Snapdragon series of SoCs recently introduced the SD 820 chipset int othe world, and the introduction can approximately three weeks ago, meaning that manufacturers are now able to integrate that particular Snapdargon 820 series intotheir devices and bring all of the technical upgrades that it provides. Reports coming out from a particular analyst Pan Jiutang, are suggesting that Qualcomm is already planning the release of the upgraded version of Snapdragon 830 series SoC that has apparently been “confirmed” to carry that internal msm8998 codename.

If this is to be believed then this is about the release of the Snapdragon 830 by next year, will be welcomed by the devices spread into the market that could ship with up to 8GB of RAM. Not all inviduals were aware of these limitations, though in order to install that amount of RAM into a mobile phone or tablet, the integrated SoC needs to actually support that amount of memory.

Currently, if that’s the case study then it’s not difficult to believe that Qualcomm is laready working on a new 30 series thatwill represent the next-generation of its chips, rather this timne focus on it supporting up to 8GB of RAM seems a little lost, especially in the mobile device world.

By using a 10nm manufacturing process, it is being said that the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset is capable, compared to the 14nm used for the SD 820. Snapdragon 830 will be a slight edge over the S820 in terms of power consumption and betterfy overall energy management.


In fact what actually considered is that. Companies like Apple have proven that integrating smaller amounts of RAM, gains additional performance through optimizing the software that runs on the hardware, rather than simply upgrading the amount of available memory and hoping for the best. It’s highly expected that any Snapdragon 830 series that eventually sees the light of day will have a lot more focus on than just the ability to support the 8GB of RAM, such as the speculated 10nm manufacturing process.

(Source: Weibo)

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