Meet Solar Paper: The World’s Thinnest, Lightest Solar Charger For iPhone, Android On The Go

Cosmic energy is what every tech enthusiast is working on which can be a big achievement when we talk about a Solar charging technology, either it can be used at your home background to powerup your electricity bulb, fan or even charge your smartphone with a slight difference without costing anything. Looks similar to the aforementioned paper, as Kickstarter campaign has something like that in its crowd-funding project.

Solar Power Charger
YOLK is rasing funds for Solar Paper, claimed to be one of the world’s thinnest and lighter solar charger on Kickstarter, and it’s genuinely considered that it is only a matter of time until larger smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung release a wave of new devices that come with wireless charging as an unique standard, and it seems to be the next logical step as well. Take Apple, which might add solar charging features to its upcoming products at some point in the near future, but it would take a long time. Nevertheless, for those iPhone 6 owners looking to charge their device using the sun’s energy, then here’s the lightest and thinnest solar charger in the world. Check it out!

Considering the speed at which technology is focused on renewable energy and how work on solar cells is expanding, and it’s no far away when the companies will be looking at integrating wireless solar charging. Existence of the Solar Paper Kickstarter campaign will go some distance to convincing those smartphone monsters that the time is now for this type of innovation.

Solar Paper is a campaign that is commited to manufacturing and distributing the thinnest, lightest and most efficient solar charger that can reliably charge a smartphone or any other device that supports the USB interface. The projected solar charger they’ve prototyped can fully charge a standard device in approximately 2.5 hours on a clear sunny day vs the same way it takes to charge when plugged in through a regular wall socket outlet.

Campaign focuses on generating enough funds to offer 5, 7.5, and 10 watt chargers complete with 2, 3, or 4 solar panels respectively. In addition to being the thinnest solar panel currently available, the Solar Paper hardware is also extremely versitile and expandable.

The Solar Paper project has already received more than 2400 backers to pledge almost $350,000, or seven times its original goal. Funding campaign still has 34 days to go, and the first Solar Paper products should start shipping at some point in September 2015. It is compatible and capable of charging pretty much any device that recharges via USB as we mentioned above, such as iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, cameras and console controllers. Each panel implemented on the Solar Paper is also expandable through the use of magnets, making it possible and extremely simple to add ultimate power to your charging capabilities if the need exists.

The Solar device measures in at 19 x 9 x 1.1cm when folded, and weighs 120g. For iPhone 6, Solar Paper will be the best cosmic energy charger. Bigger devices require additional panels, so make sure you select the perfect perk for your device if you really planning to buy a Solar Paper at Kickstarter.

Solar Paper may have surpassed its initial goal seven fold but those interested can still bargain a 5 watt Solar Paper for an outlay of $79. The cheapest Solar Paper charger will cost around $120 when it becomes commercially available, but sells for as little as $69 on Kickstarter.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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