Video Test Shows iPhone 6s Can Survive For An Hour Underwater [Waterproof]

First off is iPhone 6s waterproof? Although Apple has added better features to the new iPhone over the years, and especially the company has refused to check this tick box, where it states that’s water resistance. Competition from the likes of Sony and some other manufacturers have been adding water-resistance to their smartphone brands for a little while now, Apple ultimately refused to follow suit.

A couple of weeks ago when Apple announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, some of us wondered whether 2015 would be the year to witness water resistance come to iPhone, but it wasn’t to be. At least, not according to its official iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus mentioned in specifications.

This Video Evidently Proves That iPhone 6s is Waterproof - Check This Out

Unclarified, but it didn’t stop one YouTuber from seeing what would happen when both the Apple’s new flagship handsets were submerged in water for not less than 60 minutes. That time is no accident, with the official water resistance rating having devices have to withstand water for an hour in order to get the required result. What do you think about what would happen to Apple’s new top-end iPhones when put through a similar test?
Answer is in front. Surprisingly, not a lot.

As the video shows, in fact having new iPhones spent a full hour in a bowl of water and stood up to the test remarkably well, and both devices continued to work just as they did before they went in. Cameras on the Apple’s new flaghsip iPhones worked, with no sign of water spots within the unit itself, and eventually the screen continued to work as it should. Indeed, there was no sign of water having found its way into the iPhones either. Next was the headphone jack and Lightning port, both are reported to have continued working once the device was dried out. What is this reckoning means is the new iPhones are pretty much water-resistant regardless of specs.

So you can rugh to take your iPhone into the shower or even splash it while doing the dishes, but if this test is anything to go by, but it’s safe to say you’ll be just fine using the thing out in the rain. Recommended, not to test it before you get a better clarification regarding a waterproof iPhone 6s, or 6s Plus hands-on.

Why Apple wouldn’t speak about making its iPhone water resistant. Suggests to us that it hasn’t made them water resistant at all, making this video all the more interesting quirks and tweaks alive.

What do you say?

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