Waterproof Test: iPhone SE Vs iPhone 6S And iPhone 5s [Video Comparison]

Current smartphones pretty much considering a fairly new thing, at least it is far as mainstream devices are concerned. Waterproofing on Samsung and other Android devices made their biggest asset for a few years now, with today’s devices even using their status as bona fide “water resistant” as selling points. There’s a huge difference between waterproof and water-resistance, which you can have it here t learn. For now, dropping your expensive smartphone into water can be a heart-stopping monent for anyone, that’s what this comparison video shows you after this jump!

Amongst others, iPhone SE may not be a hefty flagship device, when compared to the expensive iPhone 6s, but it doesn’t mean owners of said iPhones don’t want them to survive the odd dunk here and there. No worrying at all! With the iPhone SE, it seems you need not fret.


How’s that? In typical iFixit form, the folks over at everyone’s favorite teardown company have done what they do best, by ripping a brand new iPhone SE now apart. What they found was waterproofing that is very similar to that found inside the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6s Plus. From September last year, Apple’s current flagship models are essentially kinda waterproof to an extent, even if the company isn’t willing to promote the fact.

As it turns out true, the iPhone SE is somewhat, with “foamy silicone seals” protecting the handset’s extremely important bits from water. Those includes both the front and rear camera and volume buttons, with the LCD, screen (digitiser), battery, and of course the Lightning connector all also protected from.


Here’s one YouTube video shows, the iPhone SE is far capable of being underwater for over an hour with no immediate ill-effects, like the iPhone 6s, whereas an iPhone 5s also used in the video fail;s to protect its place, while it lasts a little over five minutes before dying a watery death.

Why not Apple want to call its iPhones waterproof? At this point, it seems they almost certainly are.

We wouldn’t want to go diving into water with one, though!

(Source: Zach Straley [YouTube], iFixit Video [YouTube])

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