Xbox One Slim Possibly Leaked In FCC Filings, Could Be Coming In Q2 2016

A new rumor suggests Microsoft is working on a smaller and more digital-only Xbox One Slim model that could be looking at possible announcement somewhere around June this year. Release date expected in late 2016 and would cost less than the current Xbox One price of $350. If recent FCC filings by Microsoft are anything to go by, there is a plausible reason to believe that the Xbox One could be in for a smaller hardware refresh.

Recently, it was also reported that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will see a refresh in the form on PlayStation 4.5 come October this year. Later, those rumores were followed by confirming that the refreshed PS4 is indeed real and will be called the PlayStation 4K. Now new filings for a Microsoft manufactured device at the FCC seems to have claimed all our assumptions and expectations from the Windows-maker as well for a imminent Xbox One refresh, though not on the same lines as of Sony’s.

FCC Filings Suggest - Xbox One Slim upcoming
Regulatory documents submitted by Microsoft earlier this week apparently pointed to a revision of the current model. The FCC filings definitely shows up a wireless chip that is most likely to be housed inside the Xbox One Slim. With that said, filings also carries the model number C3K1682 and C3K1683 in a document titled “User Manual 1525.” which happens to be the code for the Xbox One console, and C3K is delievably an identifier for Microsoft. Clarification for the photo of the wireless chip also shows the “Model 1683” stamp followed by “MICROSOFT CORP, Prototype” label on it. Interestingly though, the picture is from ANATEL, the FCC equivalent in Brazil.

Anything can happen anytime soon or later. An Xbox One Slim could possibly be revealed at this year’s E3, if a recent FCC filing is to be believed. Two flings aired now, at the FCC are stated to be up for viewing by June 25 this year, which exactly points to E3 2016, so we no doubt expect that Microsoft may just announced the refreshed Xbox One model at that particular event. As a reminder, Microsoft is scheduled to hold a press conference on June 13.

Unfortunately, the filings don’t give us any indication on possible spec upgrades or for that matter any design changes made to Xbox One Slim. Don’t expect anything more than a ‘Slim’ version of the Xbox One, just like the Xbox 360 Slim.

Microsoft’s head of Xbox division Phil Spencer has already gone on record to state that he doesn’t believe in releasing mid-life full-on upgraded versions for current-gen consoles. If the rumors do pan out! What would you guys like to see in the Xbox One Slim?

(Source: NeoGAF)

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