Instagram Stories Adds Selfie Stickers, Pinning, Geostickers For New Cities, More

Instagram has started rolling a new update out now that adds additional features for stickers in both the Stories and Direct Messaging areas of its Insta app.

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Today, Instagram Stories is releasing a way to cover your images and videos with mini selfies. Geostickers for more cities, a new story pinning feature which allows “sticker pinning” which improves the use of stickers on footage.

Instagram Stories is celebrating its 200 million user count and with a major creative update, the bulk of which is centered around stickers. Is there a new sticker pack almost every week? Coming to the point which you are thinking about right now.

Alongside the updates, Instagram also took the opportunity to announce that its Stories feature can now boast 200 million active users daily. That’s an increase from the 150 million users back in January this year, meaning an additional 50 million users have joined the Insta base in just three months. Instagram has not be shy about its sticker love, it released options for the days of the week, Easter, and Passover in recent weeks. But again, the stickers rolling out with today’s update are not just any sticker.

Meet selfie sticker then. Selfie stickers are exactly what they sound like. Within Stories, you’ll now be able to take a mini-selfie, which becomes a sticker that can be edit and save for later use. This feature actually an easier-to-use version of Snapchat’s scissors tool, and what that we expecting to see many an Instagram Story is packed with sticker after sticker of someone’s head.

The new selfie stickers, allows users to take a selfie and then turn it into a small sticker that can be applied to videos and images at will. When you really want to access your selfie sticker and others that you’ve used recently, just tap the smiley-face icon and swipe right.

How To Use Instagram's New Selfie Sticker

Turn your selfie into a sticker so you can quickly share your reaction or trade faces with someone (or something) in your story. When you take a photo or video and tap the smiley face, you’ll see a new sticker with a camera icon that lets you capture a mini-selfie. Before or after capturing, tap to apply different frame styles: fade or circle. Put your selfie sticker anywhere, adjust the size and use as many other creative tools as you want.

You’ll also find new Geostickers for Chicago, London, Madrid, and Tokyo, all designed by local artists. Instagram is distinguishing these from Snapchat’s Geofilters by attracting each artist’s username to their sticker, so you can go to their account to check out more of their artwork.

Besides stickers, there’s another feature added. New geostickers are includes with four new cities now the beneficiars of city-themed stickers designed by local artists. The sticker pinning feature essentially allows stickers to be added to specific locations within videos. Finally, there’s a new way to eliminate multiple video do-overs. Now, when you want to film a video in hands-free mode, simply tap and hold down the button to see a countdown to the start of the recording.

The update iPhone and Android apps are rolling out now, so be sure to download them straight from the App Store and Google Play Store respectively and sure to get your selfie stickers on point.

Tip: To delete a photo or video that you’ve shared, tap the three dots above you post and then tap Delete. You can also permanently remove Instagram account, which can be had using this guide here. Now Lets You Share Multiple Photos, Videos In A Single Post.

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