YouTube TV Is Now Live In 5 U.S. Cities, A DVR App Available To Download Now

When YouTube announced a month ago of its YouTube TV, a $35 live TV steaming service it hopes might kill your cable box, but at the time, they did only said just that it’d be “soon”. Rather the company gave little indication as to when the new $35-per-month TV streaming service would come online.

YouTube TV Goes Live
Finally, following the announcement among ago, YouTube TV streaming service is now live in five US cities. In fact, “soon” was actually first week of April because as of today, YouTube TV service is now live to go.

Into this world comes YouTube TV, Google’s internet TV subscription services hits the U.S. shelves. As an attempt to marry the world’s most popular platform of streaming video with the programming of traditional television. For a month, subscribers pay $35, will get access to the four major broadcast networks and a bundle of over 40 cable channels, including key sports properties like ESPN and Fox Sports 1.

YouTube TV, in its initial incarnation takes content from the likes of ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, CW, Disney, SyFy and 40+ more and puts it all into one convenient bundle for $35. users don;t even need traditional cable subscriptions and as a result, can theoretically save a small fortune by streaming their TV shows via YouTube instead.

YouTube TV US Live Streaming
Those five cities in the US, YouTube TV streaming gone live now includes New York, Los Angles, San Fransisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia. It looks like the YouTube streaming will expand to more U.S. markets pretty soon, in the near future. Looking to sign up will have to pay $35 a month, and that provides access to content on up to six accounts with up to three devices streaming simultaneously.

Tha above said means sharing a subscription amongst multiple people is just fine although the limitation of three devices being able to stream YouTube TV at conce is one which could provide troublesome in some situations. Getting the best deals like this are required in order to make YouTube TV a reality, which has meant that the service is going live in stages. One can sign up right now with other areas coming online in the future.

There’s still an offer from the company as a complimentary Google Chromecast after first mont’s payment of YouTube TV stream. NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, National Geographic and Fox Business also there to live stream and watch TV. The service thereby allows users to record live TV programs/content as the could DVR can do so that will store recordings for nine minutes. Also, YouTube TV works on both Android and iOS.

As aforementioned the YouTube TV membership comes with six accounts, each with its own recommendations and personal DVR with no storage limits. It makes a promise that you can watch up to three concurrent streams at a time, live..!

40+ YouTube TV Channels List to Watch, Record using DVR
YouTube is not alone in offering content from these providers as part of a cable cutting initiative, but depending on your preference, it may vary be the best on offer today. With Apple seemingly unable to make the better deals required to bring similar functionality to iOS devices and the Apple TV, YouTube TV is the hottest deal ever on the block right now.

YouTube TV app is available to download right now on Android, iPhone, iPad and of course, Apple TV, Chromecast devices are also supported. For Windows or Mac computers, those can also access the service using Chrome web browser.

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