Here Is Full Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer To Watch Now [Video]

HBO has released season 7 Game of Thrones full version trailer allowing you to watch it here right now. Everything in the details are placed in one place. Head over!

The newly uploaded Game Of Thrones Season 7 video feels like an eternity since season six finished for the hardcore Game of Thrones fans, thankfully after a couple of months away from the return of the HBO spectacular.

One thing was never going to be a case of season six finish-line and sitting patiently for season seven, which has meant that the internet has been rife with speculation and teasers about what fanfare can expect when the seventh season finally hits the channel. Now, to fan those flames, HBO has released a full official trailer highlighting some of the exciting action that GoT fans can expect to enjoy when the show returns.

What exactly we get to see is that season seven is going to be as manic and action packed as all of the seasons before this one, and if you thought that HBO would try and gently ease fans back into the series after a small interval, then once again, you would be entirely wrong here. The latest season seven series will be music to the ears of those who religiously watch and interact with the show.

Game of Thrones wouldn’t even be Game of Thrones without conflict, peril, and , of course, war. Lots and lots, and lots of War. This trailer doesn’t disappoint and shows fan favorite Jon Snow preparing to head into the war in the North. It also shows Queen Cersei rallying her troops and getting them ready to head into battle. As if it wasn’t enough to raise the pulse ahead of the season premiere, this latest HBO teaser also shows up Daenery’s and her loyal dragons heading back to the fictional land of Westeros with an eye on the Iron Throne. Yes, it sounds and looks like yet another Game of Thrones season of utter carnage, pure entertainment, and obviously yet more progression of characters.

For you and those who love the show, there’s not much longer to wait until it’s back. HBO will premiere the initial episode of Game of Thromes season seven on its channel and to HBO Now subscribers on July 16th. Not long enough to wait now GoT fans. Stay tuned for More!

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