HERE Maps Is Officially HERE WeGo Now, Gets New And Improved Features And More

Good bye to HERE Maps, because it has rebranded into HERE WeGo. The newly changed name is already live for its Android mobile app, and will also be offering a Web-based version of the service and the iOS app very soon.


Winner of the “Best Automotive App” award in 2015 from Auto Bid! Looking for Offline navigation now! With the new name comes some pretty interesting and useful features including travel cost and bike terrain difficulty. Actually, was the Nokia business which was bought by a group of German car manufacturers to the tune of Euro 2.8 billion ($3.1 billion) last year.

With the new name, the HERE WeGo is also getting a refreshed design with new features and improvements, which has also been chosen to put an emphasis on Here’s navigation abilities. Furthermore, from this point on when you enter a destination into the search field in the app you’re taken directly to choose your desired transport mode. Once you tap on that navigation point. This more direct mode of getting going is likely to save your time when using the app. There’s no more additional or extra tapping required to find a route icon at the bottom.

Instead, when you open the app, you will see “Where to?” option in the search box, which will let you enter a destination. You can even choose between a variety of modes of transport. HERE WeGo will extremely serve taxi info for your route in certain areas, including approximate fare, wait time, and a call button.

Now that the Route Comparison screen also received a redesign, with a lighter colored background. New features are built-in too. In certain cities, you’ll be able to choose renting a car from the Car2Go sharing service as it means of transportation. However, in many cities you can get a taxi information as mentioned already. The call button is very useful, when you tap it if you decide to take a cab. More car sharing and taxi companies will be added in the future.

HERE WeGo aims to be your go-to travel companion, and its active beta program gives the developers constant feedback. This has led them to develop accurate cost of travel estimates for long trips, live traffic updates in over 50 countries, turn-by-turn navigation for walking or driving and locations of taxi stands and car parks etc.

Finally, if you’re going on a bike ride, you can even have the app estimate how difficult the terrain will be. Bicycle routing has also been improved, now taking into account the elevation differences on your suggested routes. All of the new functions are now live and available in the latest version of Here apps for Android and iOS.

Here WeGo offers public transport detailed maps and directions for over 1,300 cities across the globe.


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