iPhone X Owners Should Know About A Hidden Animoji Trick, Here’s What It Contains

With the release of iPhone X, users have been learning about its features and capabilities, but have you noticed there are some unknown inclusions when you start interacting with the new Face ID and the ever-entertaining Animoji functionality?

Casting the facial expressions onto animated 3D characters is undoubtedly addictive, as we are sure you have found out. However, there is a small tip which you need to know about which will take your Animoji game to the next level.

Here's A Hidden Animoji Trick For All iPhone X users

For those who may have since not yet seen what Animoji looks like, which is basically a very neat and funny little implementation from Apple, that’s unique to iPhone X. Animoji feature uses the extremely powerful and impressive TrueDepth camera system to capture the facial expressions and deliberately cast them onto a one of a set of 3D emoji characters.

The aforementioned is something like this. You then essentially get to watch yourself capture become an animated 3D emoji. That all happens through the iMessage system with the intention being to send the creation to loved friends and family.

That creation can also be saved and exported which is a created animation to your Camera Roll for use at a later date. Or can also be shared with other social media which is why you have likely seen the ‘Animoji Karaoke’ phenomenon happening. This tip will definitely ensure that your Animoji game is second-to-none.

Some iPhone X owners also been recording themselves and viewing it on a specific character from the library. If they aren’t happy with how it looks, say on the dog Animoji, and want to see it on the robot. Then they will scrap the whole experience and start again with a new recording of a newly chosen character. That’s not only time wasting, but it doesn’t need to run as a simple swipe gesture can save the day.

Very few are aware that they can make a recording, view it on a chosen Animoji character, and then simply swipe through the library to view the same expressions being mapped on a different character without having to delete and re-record from scratch. iPhone X owners should know about this, the swipe gesture preserves the recording and simply places it onto the next cute icon in the library, which eventually saves you a ton of time in the process.

You are now in the position where you have iPhone X and have mastered Animoji. Look forward to seeing your amazing creation of Animoji Karaoke globally.

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