Here’s First Look At Sileo, The Cydia Alternative For Electra Jailbreak [Video]

CoolStar, a team member of Electra Jailbreak has announced that it will soon replace Cydia with Sileo, a new “alternative” package manager. You have already notified the fact about Electra team’s intention of replacing Cydia with its own kind of installation app called Sileo.

Following from that, we now have an opportunity to see a very small part of Sileo in action, running on an iPad and showing the functionality which will allow device owners to add new APT-based repositories.

Pwn20wnd, an Electra Team member, notes that “All of your old packages and your setup will stay when switching to Sileo!” and also confirmed that “Your Cydia purchases will also be accessible from Sileo.” There will be a compatible layer to handle all of the Cydia URL schemes and Sileo will be completely compatible with every Cydia package and repo.


Cydia is no longer being maintained for iOS 11; we will be transitioning everyone to a replacement very soon. CoolStar tweeted in response to a “Cydia works seamlessly” comment, that Cydia “only works because it has bandaids, zip ties and velcro applied onto it” and says that Sileo is designed for modern iOS and modern 64-bit tools.

Sileo will only support iOS 11. It is designed with modern iOS builds and new 64-bit command line tools + libraries in mind. While iOS 10 and older firmware will not be supported as we won’t support using Saurik’s 10-year-old 32-bit tools with Sileo.

Plenty, we mean more than enough individuals already tried to put a replacement or “alternative” to Cydia in place over the years. All of those individuals attempted, have failed. Some of these failures come from the fact that the solution has quite simply been terribly put together and wasn’t fit for purpose.

Many of which failed simply because Cydia has been seen as the success flag of a functional jailbreak for pretty much as long as jailbreaking has been around. Users are reculant to move away from that fact and accept alternatives. However, with Cydia no longer updated which seemed to be serviced and maintained in an official capacity by saurik, it seems that the time could be right for the correct alternative.

The Electra team clearly believes that Sileo is that alternative. Makes sense considering that Electra jailbreak is only the real jailbreak solution that we have today, and are likely to have, for the foreseeable. If Sileo is installed with that jailbreak, and Cydia is entirely removed from the equation, then device owners will have little choice but to accept their new package installation master.

Besides that, if the video embedded below is anything to go by, which minimally showing how Sileo installer is going to work on your iPhone or iPad, then it looks as though not a great deal has actually changed with the Sileo offering a familiar-looking experience that most jailbreakers should be able to pick up in no time at all.

This 58-seconds video clip shows the process of adding new repositories to the Sileo app with the help of popular Rayan Petrich and angelXwinbd repos being also added through a familiar screen and process which isn’t very far removed from what exists within Cydia. All this happens under the Sources tab with the video also showing that the user will have the option to navigate to Featured, Packages, and Search controllers in order to view tweaks, find packages, and install any apps which exist on the repositories handled by Sileo.

Check out the original video for yourself and see what you think about Sileo? It’s very much Cydia-esque.

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